Fondling Breasts: Learn to Touch Like a Pro

If you have never had sex with girls before or you aren’t currently enjoying an active sex life, you are probably a little confused about the proper way to fondle a girl’s breasts.

Master one thing, and it could very well lead to something more!

Perhaps, whenever you see a pair of breasts, you want to quickly fondle them…

I am going to teach you the art of touching a girl’s breasts, in such a way that will give her an immense amount of pleasure, whilst you have all the fun in the world.

Breasts are some of God’s most delicate creations
The first rule of fondling a girl’s breasts is to start lightly. When touching breasts, don’t grab them with force, like you would a baseball. Start with a soft and gentle touch. Breasts are usually very sensitive; strong and forceful squeezing may be painful and will be a big turn off for a woman.

You want to be feeling breasts with care. Act as if they are fragile at first, and gradually increase the pressure as the fondling continues. I tend to use my mouth and tongue when I first touch her breasts because it provides a much softer sensation.

Take things slowly but surely to the next level

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The next step is to cup and caress. When fondling breasts, a lot of guys go directly for the nipples. Don’t do this. Start first by gently cupping a breast in the palm of your hand from underneath. Apply slight pressure in an upward motion, feeling the weight of the breast in your hand, and then very gently squeeze the sides with your fingers.

Give her breasts a massage. A great place for a lot of girls to gain pleasure is the very top of their breasts. So try and lightly massage this spot or gently stroke the muscle above the nipple. Massage very lightly and work your way closer to her nipple. Then, gently tease the nipple; don’t directly touch it, but feel everywhere around it. Move your hand slowly – don’t be in a rush when fondling a girl’s breasts.

It’s time to focus on the main event

Fondling tits and stimulating the nipple are two very different things. After spending a minute or so in the cup position, lightly move your hand over the front of the breast. While you are caressing it in your hands, begin to rub the nipples with your palms. Then squeeze the entire breast gently.

You can try lightly pinching her nipples at this point. If you get a positive reaction like a moan or another sound of pleasure, repeat the action in a different angle to stimulate change and enhance the experience. At this point move to using the tongue and the mouth – this is something that women really desire.

This tip is for the pros…

For bonus points, work your way inside her with either your fingers or your penis while still caressing and applying pressure to her nipples. One thing I have found effective is wrapping your mouth around one of them and lightly sucking on it. This really adds to the sensation she feels and will heighten and increase her orgasm. Remember, gentle caressing and stimulation works better here than force or squeezing too tightly.

So now you know what to do. Avoid going in on the breasts like a hungry animal. Treat them with care and use these Fondling Breasts tips to give your girl a fantastic sexual experience.

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