For Women – Increase Your Sex Life

For Women – Increase Your Sex Life

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While it may seem like pills are the only thing that can increase your sex life, it’s actually a last resort for most people. Surprisingly, there’s a lot of natural ways you can increase your sex life, and some of them are tasty treats. However, there’s an exercise that will drastically change how you have sex and how sex feels for a woman. Being limber is a huge part in sex and practicing your stretches can increase your sex life exponentially.

Aphrodisiac Foods

Do you like chocolate? Most of the time the answer is yes, unless you’re allergic or you really don’t like sweets. Eating chocolate just before you have sex can increase your sex life by heightening your sensitivity towards touch in bed. If you and a girlfriend have been having the same sex but it doesn’t feel as good, simply try having some chocolate before you have sex because it can increase your sex life! Chocolate releases a compound that reacts on a hormonal level to raise your enjoyment and sensitivity towards sex. This allows you to have the same sex as before and revive that pleasure from the first time. Also, there are over 20 different aphrodisiac foods that do different things for you including increased sensitivity that can increase your sex life.

Kegal Exercises

Kegal exercises are more enjoyable for women because they’re on the receiving end, usually. You can increase your sex life through these exercises because they’re working on the kegal muscle, also known as the pelvic floor. This is the area that women use to increase the sexual satisfaction they can have from sex. This exercise is mostly for women, but it can also increase a man’s sex life by increasing their strength in bed. These exercises increase the strength of all the muscle that are used for sex, so you’re turning the fatty muscle into straight muscle. This means you’ll last longer, perform better, and unlock new positions that you weren’t previously able to do.


Flexibility is a key factor when having sex. It allows you to perform in certain positions that can increase your sex life. They mainly focus on the natural gravity that you deal with in those positions, so it becomes easier to just enjoy the sex as you become more limber. Yoga is known to naturally increase your level of hormones, which directly translates to the endorphins that the body releases when it has an orgasm. Yoga also allows water and blood to flow more naturally through the body, which in turn allows you to have a stronger cardiovascular system. This can lead to a stronger and more passionate form of sex life for you and your partner.


There are many other ways to increase your sex life naturally. After all, your body is built specifically so that it can fuel its own reproduction. Enjoy these tips, and starting using them so you can enjoy your sex life to the fullest.