Foreplay techniques to spice up your love life

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Foreplay techniques

Time to take it slower than molasses on her...

Could you suggest some foreplay techniques for guys?

Guys are always looking for techniques to be better in the bedroom, but a lot of them are lacking experience. First, get your experience sorted and then focus on the technique. One thing I will say about foreplay is that most men rush it. The truth is that women love the sensation and the buildup of sexual tension.

Don’t worry so much about your foreplay technique, but worry about getting her aroused and keeping her aroused.

Take your time, slow things down and really enjoy watching her sexual temperature go up.

That is far more important than any specific technique. One of the things you can do with foreplay is to just learn how to be a better kisser. Again, experience will teach you more than any written word on the idea of kissing.

For guys, you might be thinking how do I get this?

How do I find someone that would want to do these things with me? Find a girl that you might know or when you start meeting more girls, start looking for a girl and be comfortable with the idea of making her your girlfriend for a while. Having that girlfriend gives you access to having sex.

A girlfriend for even a month gives you such a tremendous opportunity to learn so much about sex, that later down the track it will come in handy and make the whole process of getting comfortable being sexual, and having sex with women, a hell of a lot easier.

Do you have one specific foreplay technique that you would give out to guys out there?

One foreplay position that you think will actually help them – big time.

It is really hard to describe foreplay techniques through the written word. I guess one thing that guys could do is to try something that I like to do, which is to talk really slowly and seductively while I am touching a woman.

Then I will tell her what I am going to do next.

I will tell her how much I am going to enjoy it. I might start by saying something like, “I am just going to start rubbing your pussy now, and you’re going to feel so good while I’m doing it. Then when you get all worked up, I’m going to start going faster and faster, and then slow you down just as you start to really enjoy it.”

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A part of what you’re doing here is demonstrating dominance and exciting her. The fact that you are doing this physically as well as verbally is an incredibly strong combination. It can get her really worked up.

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