Gemini Woman Turn-Ons Any Guy Can Use

How to take the lead and get what you want from a Gemini woman in any situation…

Show her that you're just as commanding as she is.

I’ve heard that a Gemini woman likes to be the center of attention.

How can guys make themselves known, so they stand out and attract a Gemini woman?

I think the key to dealing with Gemini women is to realize that they’re on another level with their communication and intuition skills. They’re very creative girls who have clever tongues, so if you come in with some false bravado trying to trick her into thinking you are a high value male, she’ll see straight through that and shoot you down.

From my perspective, the biggest key to having success with Gemini women is giving yourself inner substance to go with your outer shell.

A lot of guys who have struggled with women and start to work on this part of their lives get taught to work on the outer shell first. They are told to work on their body language, vocal control, and the fancy lines to give a girl that display high value. That will work with some low-esteem women.

If that sort of approach works with a girl, it’s likely that, had you been honest, gone up and told her that you thought she was cute, and fully armed your nervousness, that too would have worked. That’s certainly my preference for guys who are working on developing this part of their lives — go up and get in touch with their authenticity, honesty and integrity, right from the start of a relationship.

This level of honesty and confidence is one of the Gemini turn ons.

How do guys go about developing themselves? 

First I would suggest you do some basic value exercises. You can go anywhere on the internet, now that you can type into YouTube, Google, or any other number of search engines: “What are my values? How do reset my own values?” There are some great programs you’ll find.

The reason our values are so important is they give us an idea of our priorities. Certain values are very important – honesty, courage, integrity. Being industrious or hard working are really important.

Once I start getting in touch with my values, then I can get in touch with how to develop my personality.

Developing my personality with a bunch of games that someone else has given me, looking for a quick-fix solution to a rather complex problem is not going to be in alignment with my values. Once I am in alignment with my values, I start to build some internal strength and internal self-esteem.

I think the second way you want to work on building your shell is to constantly throw yourself in the deep end.

That’s the greatest opportunity for self exploration and self development. You need to throw yourself into challenging situations and feel your fear, but do it anyway.

If there’s an attractive Gemini woman that a guy is looking to attract, he’s got to throw himself in the deep end and learn from that experience. The more times you do that, the more internal beliefs and understanding you develop and the more likely you’re going to have success in the future.

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Would you like some feedback on your inner development? Leave a comment below and I’ll take the time to personally respond.

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