Gemini Women: Leave Her Turned On, and Breathless

Learn how to be a ninja when it comes to turning women on…no matter where you are.

A lot of guys are unaware of how to be subtle in turning a woman on, especially in a more public environment. This could be meeting girls at the grocery store or at the part. When you’re in this kind of public scenario, how you turn a woman on without being too overt and making a fool of yourself in public or being indecent can be a hard line to find. The beauty of really good flirting is that it’s actually quite subtle and it doesn’t put much pressure on either of you. There’s this concept of plausible deniability that underlines all the ways in which we flirt and turn a woman on. Plausible deniability means that nothing being done is necessarily too overt, or too indirect. It gives everyone an easy way out if they aren’t interested, don’t think they are interested, or just aren’t ready to admit they are.

Gemini Women: Leave Her Turned On, and Breathless

You might do something like brush your arm against hers. Even though you’ve done that, and you’ve probably done it consciously, because it is so subtle, she’s not sure if you’ve done it intentionally, or if it just happened. This makes it more comfortable for her to enjoy that feeling and to be more comfortable being touched by you, because there’s no pressure on her. She doesn’t need to worry about you being too forward with her. This can actually build a lot of sexual arousal in a woman. It can be an easy way to spark a fire in a woman, and get her interested in seeing what else might happen. In the daytime, it’s important to realize that you’re probably not going to get an opportunity to touch women nearly as much as you would at night; even when you’re one-on-one. That’s okay. You don’t have to worry too much about that during the day. All you really have to focus on is simply touching her at least a little bit. The truth is that getting a woman too worked up in the daytime can actually be a bad idea.

When you really want to build that sexual tension, is when you have that woman alone. During the day it is better to focus on simply being really down to earth, having a conversation with her, flirting just a little bit, and getting her number. If the opportunity to make some simple physical contact with her arises, sure, you should definitely go for that. But also keep in mind that a lot can be said for the kind of eye contact that you hold. Even a cheeky smile here and there can be a real turn on for women. Something you can practice when you talk to women, day or night in any situation, is simply holding a gaze with a bit of arousal behind it. You could do something as simple as having an everyday conversation with her, but thinking really sexual thoughts about the two of you being together. There’s a good chance during those normal old conversations she’s having the same kind of thoughts about you.

Regardless of her sign, learn the best ways to turn a woman on…

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