Get Any Woman You Want… Yes, ANY!

Get Any Woman You Want… Yes, ANY!

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You know, when I first started to get good with women, my drive was to just improve my skills. I thought that I could easily get any woman I wanted. In reality, I worked out that getting any woman you want is a little bit of a myth. It’s impossible because not every girl is going to find you attractive!

Nevertheless, wanting to conquer every woman really drove me to achieve amazing things, but it was also a hindrance earlier on in my development. You see when I used to get rejected by a girl, I used to take it pretty hard.

I saw myself as this guy that wanted to get near any woman, and the fact that I got rejected would really put me in a bad mood and a bad mindset. I started to realize my dream was a little impossible, so I changed my focus around until it became about getting the right woman!

I started to change my frame of rejection. Instead of taking it negatively, I took it as a positive. I turned finding a woman into finding the right woman for me. I saw rejection as great feedback and it indicated to me that the girl that I was approaching wasn’t right for me.

You need to work out what kind of girl you want to be with, create some standards for your dating life. Do you want to be someone that fears rejection, or do you want to be someone that actually relishes in rejection and realizes that it’s feedback?

I encourage you to overcome your fear of rejection, relish it, change your mindset and you’ll watch your results turn around instantly. As soon as you cut off that fear, your confidence and ability to meet women will be taken to another level.