Get Girls To Like You: It’s Time To Become More Confident!

Get Girls To Like You: It’s Time To Become More Confident!

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Struggling to get girls to like you? Then you need my dating advice! You’re obviously doing something wrong, and I can help you fix that.

Stop caring so much…

It’s amazing, sometimes, the less you care, the more attractive you can become. In this article, I am going to give you two key lessons that I learned that really helped revolutionize my game with women and will also help you become more attractive to girls.

Some of the biggest mistakes I encounter when I see my students really try hard to get a girl to like them is that they are always searching for that little witty remark, that particular look that can make them more attractive or that particular way of touching her. Finding a woman is much simpler than this.

Get women to prove themselves to you…

One thing I learned that always worked amazingly well in my interactions was being able to get the girl to demonstrate her worthiness to me. I would do this by qualifying her, getting her to demonstrate to me why she would be a good addition to my life.

I know, the thought of doing this when I sucked with women really scared the hell out of me. I just really wanted a woman to show some interest in me and get some attention – let alone have her display to me why she would be a good fit in my life. But, I really encourage you to just give it a go. Attracting women was my goal, not getting them to answer to me!

But trust me, go against the grain a little and take a risk, because this is such a powerful tool in getting a girl to like you. You’ll be totally blown away by the results, I guarantee you. It all makes sense.

You need to appear valuable to her!

When you get a girl to display herself to you, you start to communicate to her that you are a high value guy. You need to be a guy that has standards, and girls will learn to respect that more. They will see you as a high value type of guy which they actually have to work a little hard to win over.

As humans, we value things we really have to work hard for. It’s like when you’re a kid and you’re saving up for a guitar or a toy and you’ve got to put your pocket money to the side for ages. It’s like the best thing in the whole world because you know how hard you had to save for that item.

You know how hard you had to work for that item and, therefore, you cherish it more. The same theory applies to picking up women. If you’re an easy buy, she’s not going to value you as much, but if she has to work hard to win your affection, then she is going to start to see you like you saw that toy. You’re going to be valued so much more – this is how to be attractive.

Start qualifying your interactions with women…

Write down the characteristics and traits that you find attractive in girls, then start finding questions you could ask that could actually decipher that information from a girl.

For example, I commonly like girls that have a really quirky, sarcastic sense of humor, and I know exactly if a girl likes a particular TV show or movie that she’s probably on the same lines as me with her sense of humor. So, I always test her out to see whether she has that same sense of humor by asking her what TV shows and movies she’s into.

I also like a girl that is cultured, and one way I find out whether she is a girl that is cultured and is worldly is by asking whether she’s traveled anywhere and what sort of places she enjoys going to. Find out what you like in a girl and develop questions to decipher that information from her and get her to justify herself to you.