Get Girls to Sleep with You

Can you make an innocent girl sleep with you? Try the tips in this article for instant results. (And then use the techniques at the bottom to build a harem of girlfriends, in weeks!)

You want girls to see you in such a way that when they get alone with you they instantly want to have sex with you.

Maybe she goes back to your house, or maybe she meets you on a date, and all the time she’s thinking, “Wow, I want to have sex with this guy.”

Is that even possible? How can you control that? How can you do things so that she wants to have sex with you without a lot of effort on your part?

Get Girls to Sleep with You

Most guys make a huge mistake when dating really beautiful girls

She is probably thinking in a sexual way already, so you won’t have much resistance.

Now, you want her in a state where when you can make your move and lead things to sex, in a way she doesn’t push you away or say no.

How can you, turn her on to the point where she feels so sexual and so wild that having sexing with her is just a foregone conclusion? All you have to do is lay back and say, “Use me — please!” You wish, right? If you are able to get girls this horny, then you’ll  find it really easy to get girls to sleep with you. Like, super easy. Sex will pretty much just happen — she’ll almost will it to happen.

The easiest way, by far, to get girls to sleep with you is not to convince them of wanting to have sex with you, but rather make them want to do it.

The Number 1 Tip in this situation is to have spent enough time with her.

Now, it might not be possible in every situation, but one thing I used to do when I met girls is be prepared to spend a decent amount of time with them. Sometimes sheer volume of time can get girls to sleep with you, because it creates a super powerful connection. Put it this way — if I met a really high-quality woman, like Naomi Watts, Angelina Jolie, or Megan Fox, I wouldn’t want to let her out of my sight. It would be the longest date in history. I’m talking about three or four days. I’ve actually had dates with girls that have lasted that long.

I remember one girl; she’s quite a sweet, innocent girl and not the type of girl who would have sex with a guy fairly quickly.

I met her on a Thursday afternoon for a date, and we ended up spending four days together. This is one of the best ways to get girls to sleep with you I’ve ever found. During that time, I didn’t just drop her off at home; she went past her place to get more clothes, yes, but we also went away for the weekend. We went to a music festival. Sometimes the sheer volume of time spent together can be the thing that helps you the most.

Sometimes guys have it in their head that a date just goes for two hours: you meet a girl, you hang out, you take her home.

Stop being so left-brained!

What they don’t realize is you can spend a lot more time with a girl than that, so it’s good to be prepared. When I meet a girl and I really like her, I pretty much don’t want to let her out of my sight for as long as possible. We’ll stay up the whole night talking, I’ll hang out at her house, she’ll hang out at my house,  or we might spend the whole weekend together. But time is your greatest asset, because while she’s not with you, things can go wrong. Other guys can call, or her friends might tell her you’re all wrong for her. You need time to convince her that is just not the case.

If you want to get girls to sleep with you, you’ve got to become great at giving yourself the best possible chance at it, and often this involves spending enough time with her.

You might have hit it off and things might be perfect, but some little thing goes wrong and you’re screwed, so you need to put in the good time to buffer anything bad that will eventually surface. My girlfriend said something funny to me — that when we first met, I let her stay at my house while I went to work for four hours. I let her have access to my fridge, I put on a couple of movies; I just wanted to make sure that our date lasted for days. Maybe that seems desperate to you, but, hey, it worked. She’s my girlfriend, right? Now, most guys make the mistake of just having a fast date with a girl and then trying to arrange another one a week later.

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Who are they kidding? We aren’t all Johnny Depp material. Make sure that you have the availability and the mindset, so that if you meet a girl you like, you can spend an extended period of time with her.

The ultimate goal is to get girls to sleep with you!

You’ve got that big, soft bed, so you might as well fill it with a soft, warm fragrant girl. Lots of guys who can’t get girls to sleep with them sleep poorly, have low energy, get tired early, and struggle to function with limited rest. Just a pattern I’ve noticed…You can change your plans, you can readjust your schedule, you can essentially be a little bit more flexible with your lifestyle — anything, in order for you to maximize the opportunity to spend a lot of time together.

Missions to get girls to sleep with you:

    • Can you rearrange your lifestyle to spend more time with girls? Make sure dating is a priority and increase opportunities to get girls to sleep with you.
    •  If you organize a date — do you have a back-up plan to spend more time with her if it goes really well? Because I work from home, I have no problem having girls there while I am working, and when I had an outside job, I would have girls hang at my house while I was at work.
    • What are your energy levels like? Can you stay up late and live on very little sleep? Being full of energy and having extreme endurance really helps you win over girls and get them to sleep with you. Not only will you get girls to sleep with you, but you will have them full of desire to want you again. Either that, or you’ve got a really great bed

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