Get Her Naked – 5 Quick Ways To Do It

Let’s make a list… can you give guys five ways that they can get a woman naked?

Step no. 1 – Give her a massage

The first step I would focus on is giving her a massage. You can actually begin to massage her while her clothes are on. Then, as you progressively start to work underneath her clothes, just let her know that it’s a little bit challenging to get to where you want to massage her, so it would be great if you could take some of her clothes off.

Massage seduction is a great first step.

Step no. 2 – Think of activities that require her to undress

The next strategy is to organize for you two to go for a swim, or go sun baking, or have a spa together.

Get her naked

She is much more sexual than you realize

In other words, activities that require her to take her clothes off.

I think that can be a really great first date, if you actually go to a sauna or spa together. Put yourself in a situation where it’s completely okay for her to take her clothes off and get comfortable with the idea of being semi naked around you. Even if she’s still in her bikini, her actually taking clothes off, taking layers off, and letting you appreciate her body, is going to be very powerful.

Step no. 3 – Take the initiative – get naked first!

If you demonstrate to her that you’re completely comfortable with being naked, you’ll find that girls will actually be just as comfortable with it. More often than not girls are actually more likely to be okay with the idea of getting naked. Many guys generally have hang ups about it. If you have hang ups about it, that’s going to impact her mindset and her perspective. If you can demonstrate that you’re okay with nudity, and that it’s not a big deal, then she’ll feel free and liberated by it as well.

Step no. 4 – Undressing games!

The next step is to use different games that can help make it easier for the two of you to get naked. Games like strip poker and drinking games. Those are going to be an excellent way for you to take away that negative social connotation for her. It releases her from this programming that says, “If I get naked too soon, that’s going to show that I’m a slut.” It allows her to do what she naturally wants to do without any of the usual obstacles.

Step no. 5 – Be more sexual with her

The final step is to be more sexual with the girl. Start to move things in a sexual direction. So that starts with touch, eye contact; and it starts with kissing her over her body. As you progressively start to get things to a more intimate level, just one by one start to remove different layers of clothing. It might be just saying to her, “Wow, it’s a little hot in here. I think I’m just going to take my pants off. I’m going to leave my jocks on but I’m going to take my pants off.” Then you might say, “I really like skin on skin contact, why don’t we take our tops off.”

Just step by step encourage her to progressively take her clothes off so that it’s not a big jump. Each time you get her to remove an article of clothing, it just builds a little bit of momentum that makes it more comfortable for her.

Those are five tips, individually each of which is going to be really powerful; but if you can work them in together, you’re going to be a master at getting girls naked quickly.

Once you’ve got her naked find out exactly what you need to do to get her sexually addicted to you – trust me you won’t have to play any games to get her clothes off next time.

Check out this video to see how it is done.


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