Get Laid By Cooking

I often like to start a date, maybe not the first date, but an early date, with cooking and making something. What role do you feel food has? I know it’s interesting because it’s one of the more difficult senses, the sense of taste. How important is that and what are some good ways to utilize cooking to your benefit on a date, besides just cooking good food?

Cooking can be a great idea for a first date and there are a few reasons. I’m going to walk you through step by step what those reasons are, and then also talk about how we can set up that date.

Maybe you can start with dessert.

 An opportunity to learn from each other

The first reason is that it gives you an opportunity for her to teach you something, or alternatively if you’re a really good cook, for you to teach her something. I like that framework because ultimately I think that’s what relationships should be about.

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It should be about spending time with someone so that you can improve your own life and help them improve theirs. It’s about teaching each other, helping each other, progressing together, and becoming better people. One of the things I like to do is let girls know that I’m really interested in finding out about cooking. It can make it much easier when you are doing something active like cooking together to take the pressure off worrying about what to say to a girls on a date.

I’ll ask them if they’re a good cook and more often than not girls will either say, “Yes, I’m a good cook”, or “No, I’m not a good cook, but I can do this one dish really well.” That’s a great opportunity for me to then ask for a date. I’ll let her know that she has to come over and show me how to cook. We’ll cook together, have a couple of glasses of wine, and chill out and get to know each other better.

Work backwards from the end goal

The second reason I think it’s a great idea is because guys should be starting to think about dates with the end in mind. What I mean by that is; what’s your goal at the end of the night? When I go out on a date, my goal is to move things in a sexual direction and have sex that night, or at least keep that card on the table. I may get to that point where I’m enjoying myself, the sexual tension is booming, and I may actually want to withhold sex from her.

Usually what I do when I plan for a date, is I work backwards. I know that we want to end the date at either my place or her place. Then I basically draw steps working from the back to the start about how I can move her to from the starting point of the date to the end point. If you’re already starting at the end point it just makes things that much easier, both in practical terms and psychologically.

Get her to invest herself in the date

The third reason is that it allows her to invest. You want to provide her with opportunities to invest in the date. Let’s say you were to cook a meal at your place and you told her, “Hey, why don’t you come over. I’ll cook us a meal and we’ll sit down and have some wine together.” You can basically say, “Why don’t you grab a bottle of wine on your way over?” or alternatively you can say “Let’s go and meet at the super market and pick the ingredients out together, and then we’ll both come back and cook together.” You’re getting her to help invest in terms of time, potentially money, and in energy by helping her cook. Those are three great reasons that setting up to do cooking on the first date is a really good option.

Need some ideas for what to cook with a woman? Ask a question and I’ll take time to answer.

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