Get Laid Often

Get laid more than you can handle with this easy mental trick that makes you irresistible to women…

It goes without saying that for a lot of guys out there, getting laid often is pretty much the ultimate objective.

Get laid often

You will have to go out and have sex... if you want to get laid often.

But getting laid often can also profoundly change your mindset.

When you have more sex, it gives you this really cool abundance type mentality, when it comes to women. For a guy who’s not getting a lot of sex, there’s a certain neediness that they project. It’s almost like every time they meet a girl they cry out, “Please give me intimacy!” I mean, you’re not literally shouting those words, but that’s the attitude with which you’re bound to approach women, and your body language will reflect this in your interactions (on a subconscious level that you may not even realize).

But if you’re sexually fulfilled, everything changes in the way you approach women.

You have this awesome aura of confidence about yourself, because in your mind you’re thinking, “I’m getting sex; I don’t need anything from you. If something happens between us – great; if not, it’s no big deal.” When that’s your approach to women, she can sense this vibe that you’re giving off, and it’s a very attractive trait.

Neediness is a turn off.

Neediness, on the other hand, is very unattractive, and generally you will find that if a guy is sexually frustrated because he’s not getting laid enough in his life, he’s going to come across as being quite a needy person, even if he’s not verbalizing. Having more sex is also beneficial for improving your understanding of how women like to be touched, what things women react well to, and it also helps you exude more of a sexual vibe about yourself.

Someone who is comfortable with being sexual and displaying that sexuality to a woman implicitly allows her, in turn, to feel more comfortable being sexual around you. Women will suddenly feel like they can open up to you and let their true selves flourish. In any normal circumstances, she might be perceived as a slut or a lower value women if she opens up to you about her own desires and sexuality – but if she feels that you’re a sexual guy yourself, she’s more likely to allow herself to reveal her true nature.

What if you’re not already the kind of guy who’s getting laid a lot, but you want to become him. Is there a way?

I think the trick here, at least for a little while, is to fake it until you make it. You may reach a point that you’re so starved of sex – you’ve got to fake that you’re having it until you actually are. That might even mean having to settle for girls that you’re not quite attracted to, but who are very sexual and find you quite attractive. By going with a girl who wants to have sex with you, you will fulfill yourself sexually until you’re no longer that that frustrated, needy type of guy anymore.

Look for her Sex Signs.

She’ll be more sexually aggressive with you, and she won’t be too subtle about it either. She’ll come up to you, touch you a little more, and be very suggestive with her eye contact and choice of words. That there would be an excellent indication that she’s ready for sex. You might even encounter some girls who will come up to you and say it directly to your face.

There are also other signs, such as the clothes she wears. If she’s wearing a very open and revealing dress – and I’m not saying this is true in all cases – but often this is a good indication that the woman is there purely for sex. You may also notice they will have more of an openness and free spirited nature about them.

This is because they’re not scared of being judged. They’re not scared about whether or not they’re perceived as being a slut. They’re just more sexually liberated, and it almost seeps through all of the interactions she has with you.

Do you have questions about getting laid? Ask in the comments below and I’ll answer each one personally…

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