Get Laid Using Facebook

Can you “shop” for a sexual partner? If you know how to use Facebook to get

laid, you can. The secret is what you write to the women you’re interested in.

Also – how you go from Facebook to real life friends. All this – and more – is

revealed in the article, below:

I know there are hot girls, who live locally and are just a few clicks or a quick chat away from my bed, but how do I make it happen? 

Facebook is free and has millions of girls that spend HOURS on it every week – a lot of hours they could be spending sweating between the sheets with you instead.  Read on and you’ll see how simple it is to start chat flirting and get women using Facebook anytime you want…

Get Laid From Facebook

You can get laid from Facebook tonight


I want to give you some tips on how you can have casual sexual relationship, making it a fuck buddy or how you can keep things in a relaxed nature when you are meeting girls online from places like Facebook.

Now there is three really key elements to having more casual relationships with girls and there is three really key things that girls looking for signals. If you can nail these three then you can get laid from Facebook.


One thing that Facebook is great for is meeting women that want to have casual relationships – just sex really. Would you like to have a fuck buddy?

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Well read on, because I’m going to give you insight into have a fuck buddy and to manage it well. This is helpful whether you meet a girl on Facebook, in bars and clubs or through friends.

More girls than you can imagine just want to be friends with benefits. One real key to get laid from Facebook is to start to be more comfortable with the idea of just having sexual relationships with girls and not making it serious.

The first one is how much time you spend with her.

The more time you spend with a girl the more she is going to think you want something serious, so make sure that when you spend time with her its only in limited amounts if you want to have something casual. If you really want to get laid from Facebook then you are going to start to act as if you are more experienced with girls.

The next thing is what you do when you are together, a lot of guys get into trouble because they send mixed signals to girls.

They want a casual relationship but then they do very girlfriend/boyfriend things with girls; this is a challenge for me because I like doing stuff with girls like going to places with them and having fun experiences.

I’ve met lots of girls from Facebook and dated them and had some great crazy sexual experiences. Facebook is a literal gold mine for hot girls and sexually open girls. Start to take advantage of it.

But you’ve got to be careful that you don’t send the wrong message to girls if you want to keep it casual then do stuff like just hang out at your house or her house and do stuff that’s just of a more sexual nature when you are together.

This is one way to make sure the relationship stays casual.

And the third one is the amount of times you see each other and when you see each other.

It’s often going to be a lot more casual if you just see her once or twice a week and when you do see her it’s usually later on a night, this is a way to send the message that you only want to have a casual relationship. Just simply meeting a girl on Facebook can indicate you only want to have fun…

If you see the girl all the time, 3 or 4 more times a week and you spend big chunks of times together, especially key times like Friday and Saturday night then you are really going to give a serious relationship vibe.

I’m going to give you a bonus one, and this is a really critical element in keeping a relationship casual and that is who you introduce her to.

If you don’t introduce to your close friends and family, that shows more of a casual intent from you with the relationship, but if you want to give her a relationship type vibe or energy then you want to introduce her to your close friends and your family. Plus it’s a big jump to go from Facebook to your family – you could scare her off.

To get laid from Facebook essentially comes down to playing the dating game like a bit of a shark. A friend that plays poker once told me that when he plays at the poker table there are sharks and fish. And you don’t want to be a fish…

Pretty much having a casual relationship or a fuck buddy comes down to you and what you want and the messages you send to girls. ON Facebook this is also influenced by your profile and your pictures. Don’t look like a nice guy…

Because a lot of guys get themselves into trouble because they want one thing but the messages they send to her indicate another.

Some quick missions to do:

(1) Do some Facebook searches – maybe search words like “model” – and join groups where hot girls might be – e.g. fitness groups, certain types of music – and start adding some girls as friends – maybe 2-3 per day.

The more girls you meet on Facebook the easier it is to get laid from Facebook.

(2) List out and write down what you want in a fuck buddy.

(3) Start to write a short little plan on what you will do this month to make it happen.

 Be Facebook Famous and score tonight for free…

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