Getting Intimate – How To Get Girls To Have Sex

Getting Intimate – How To Get Girls To Have Sex

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Are you sick of being a good friend to hot girls, but never getting any action? Do you want a little less conversation and a little more action in your life? Do you want to stay well clear of the dreaded friend zone again?

Like thousands of other guys just like you, I know your answer is yes, so here’s how you take action. Here are some great tips that you can use to help get the girls and have a more active sex life.

Be friendly, but not too friendly…

For most girls, the only time someone has displayed sexual intent for her is when she is in some dirty disco or dive bar at 2am and gets some drunken guy all over her wanting to have terrible sex. You don’t want to be that blabbering, alcohol-filled mess; you want to be friendly, funny, and approachable. However, you don’t want to be the super-nice guy if you want to get girls to have sex with you.

What are the dangers of being the friendly guy? One thing you want to avoid is falling into a cycle of pleasant and normal conversation. You can talk to a girl naturally and chat away for hours and there isn’t anything wrong with that. However, when you ask for her number or try to escalate on that girl the chances are she has already categorized you as “friend material” and will not respond – meaning you have wasted your time and effort.

Show her that you are interested…

Showing your intent should be high on your list of priorities when you are looking to attract girls. Even if you engage a girl in conversation naturally, you can still find reasons and opportunities to show intent. You can start by being open and chatty to girls and after you have chatted for a while, say something like, “So you guys are just gorgeous. I had to come and say hi.” If you show intent like that and a girl responds positively to it, then you are on the right track.

There are many ways to show intent, and the sooner you start, the better your chance at success will be when you are trying to pick up girls. You can flirt, talk about those topics like boyfriends and relationships and initiate some light touches like hi-fives or handshakes. Even the tone of your voice and the way you talk about things can show intent.

Then, it is a lot easier to progress, as it can be hard to transition from being the friendly guy to being the guy who wants her number. If you avoid showing your intentions, you may find that she gives you her number through obligation because you’ve chatted to her for an hour, when in fact, she has no intention to ever reply to you. Getting a number is a billion times easier if you’ve shown intent and seen that she has responded to you positively.

Flirtation and behavior…

Flirting is something that men and women do quite naturally, but you can always enhance how well you flirt as the situation demands it. A great, playful way to flirt with girls is to tease them as much as possible. This really amps up their attraction. Make light-hearted jokes and also use this as a way to touch her by poking or tickling.

As well as being a charming flirt, you want to ensure that your eye contact is strong. Maintaining short bursts of eye contact is a fantastic way to attract girls. Avoid staring, though – remember that the objective is to be cool, flirtatious, and mysterious, not to be a creepy guy who stares at girls from across the room.

A great way of getting girls more interested in you is by giving them compliments. It could be a compliment about her body, her hair, her face or even something less physical like her energy. The important thing is to find some way of being charming and letting her know that you’re interested in her.

Sealing the deal…

If you have done all of the above and all signs point towards a chance of getting sexual, you have to make the move. You should aim to move away from the hustle and bustle and head somewhere quieter. This could be instigated by saying something like, “Come over here. We’ll go and talk. I want to take you to this place.” If she comes favorably with you, then you know that she is definitely interested. From there you can escalate on her and take things to a more sexual level.

So, this weekend, when you’re out and looking to pick up girls, I want you to try out these tips and watch them work wonders for you.

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