Girl Out Of Your League — How to Make Love to Her

Out of your league, too hot to handle, beyond your reach…

Where ever you imagine her is where she will be – even in it’s in your bed.

Read on and learn how to master your mind and get that stunningly gorgeous woman tonight…

Master your mind and get a girl like this into bed.

She isn’t out of your league.

Stop and pay attention, because if she wants to have sex with you and you still believe she’s out of your league, you may want to change your perspective (or be doomed to fail)… If you are at the stage where you are about to make love with the girl that you think is out of your league, your mindset is completely in the wrong place because the girl obviously wants to have sex with you.

If this sort of question is popping up in your head, you may need to ask the question why the girl is probably out of your league. You may need to tackle a self-esteem issue. Or it could be just a little jolt of nerves you are having, because you are with a girl that you think is fantastic

Enjoy that nervous feeling.

It is a really good feeling to have, when you are with a girl that makes you feel a little nervous and a little anxious, because she is such an amazing girl. If you are not getting this sort of feeling with the girl that you are with, then in my opinion, you are not really living. No matter how many girls I have been with before, every time I meet a new girl who really excites me, I always feel slightly nervous.

Enjoy the butterflies.

I get slight butterflies in the stomach. This lets me know that I l really like her and she is a really great girl. I do get the feeling all the time. Be very comfortable in my own shoes and be very happy with who you are. The main thing is realizing that this girl really likes me. Chances are, she is feeling a bit nervous too.

She likes you.

The more you can get outside of your own head, and stop asking internal questions to yourself, the easier it becomes. Personally, I think more about the girl. I think more into her head, particularly through a conversation. Building more comfort with her, reminding myself what turns me on with her, why I am attracted to her, and complimenting her. This does build comfort for us quite easily. And when it comes to sex, it is no different than any other time I’ve had sex for the first time.

Enjoy yourself.

You are there to enjoy yourself. So really enjoy having sex with her. Putting no big deal associated with it and make her feel really comfortable. To me, that is all there is to it. If you are asking yourself a huge number of questions or trying to strategize how to hit it, then your mind is in the wrong place. Get out of your own mind logically; realize that if you are feeling a little bit nervous around the girl, then it is probably a good thing. It means she is an amazing girl and she’s with you.

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What has been your experience with your nerves when making love to girl you consider out of your league? How did you overcome them? Please comment in the box below!

The real question is–

Will she think having sex with you was a waste of her time?

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