Girlfriend or Fuck Buddy? Know Difference Between a Girlfriend and a Fuck Buddy

There is a big difference between a girlfriend and a fuck buddy.

Here is how to figure out what you want… and give her what she wants.

Read on for details.

Girlfriend or fuck buddy

All girls like sex...

Is she a girlfriend girl or…?

It is about acquiring an understanding of what kind of girls there are out there, and understanding the differences. I would say that for most girls, they still want to enjoy the sex that they are having. But perhaps what they expect to get out of the sex that they are having will be different. Romantic girlfriends probably like someone who is more passionate and a little bit more emotional… compared to a girl who might not be so romantic and wants it more rough and kinky.

She might want both…

The other side of that is that sometimes a lot of girls want a bit of both, and being able to mix things up could be really good too. If you want to have a better understanding of how women can be different this way, you can look at Pandora’s Box by Vin DiCarlo which shows you how to notice different aspects of women, and how they precede sex and other aspects of their lives. Basically, be able to recognize that in them so that you can gear your approach specifically towards them.

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Know what you want.

The other side of this is the guy knowing exactly what kind of girl he wants to be with. If he is a kinky dude, he’s going to want a girl to be more sexual too. What these guys need to understand is that while she might appear to be purely romantic at first, she might also harbor a deeper sexuality — she just doesn’t know it yet. One of the ways to get her to start to open up in that respect is to shape her behavior in an appropriate way. You need to learn how to shape a woman, and getting better at rewarding women for behavior that you want to see in them, which makes the woman feel the need to expand on that behavior.

Shape her.

If guys want to improve their shaping techniques and learn how powerful this can be for being able to spot and bring this kind of woman into their lives, they can check out S-Cubed: The Sexual Selection Switch by Vin DiCarlo. That will teach them how to start shaping their women to be more the way that they would like them to be, but doing it in a way that would get them to open up to more new experiences.

Be willing to let her go.

Whether she is your girlfriend or your fuck buddy… if it isn’t working, then you have to let her go. Most guys will hang onto her in this situation. They will try to hold onto what they have and they won’t see that they can have a better relationship with a more compatible girl if they keep looking. And they hold the intention to never settle for less than what they want. She will appreciate it too… than if you hold onto her, just because it is comfortable.

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