Good Gift for A Girl You Like — Affection Cannot Be Bought But Can Be Wrapped in a Compliment

Free, easy and makes her happy, what more could you want?

The best gift you can give her? Confidence.

There’s a girl you really like and you want to create positive impact on her. What kinds of gifts would be appropriate?

I think there are two ways that you can give gifts, and there’s a slight mindset shift that takes place between these two methods. You can give a girl a gift so that she will receive this gift, be excited, and think positive thoughts about you, and maybe think about you in a better light.

That’s the way that most guys give gifts, so when most guys buy girls flowers, they’re hoping that by giving the girl flowers, she’s going to receive them and she’s going to feel so much gratitude and thanks towards the guy that now she will potentially see him as a suitor.

There’s a second way you can give gifts, and that is to be able to give a girl a gift in the hope that when she receives the gift, she’s going to feel better about herself and think better about herself, and that also leads to the kind of head space that guys want to be in when they’re giving gifts. Now, we can extend this to the concept of giving compliments.

If you give a girl a compliment, there are a couple of things that are important to that exercise. First the compliment needs to come from a genuine place within you, and second, you have to be giving a girl a compliment so that she thinks better things about herself. If you’re doing it from any other angle, or from the perspective that you want her to think better things about you, then you are supplicating to the girl. That is not a very powerful place to be coming from.

You’re trying to buy her affection and her appreciation through compliments and through gifts. Ultimately, this is going to create a frame and an undercurrent in your interaction where you’re constantly going to have to be working to get a girl’s approval through the purchasing of something, whether it is a gift or whether through other ways that end up paying for a girl’s positive emotions. This point of view or framing of the situation is not a healthy one, as you must see if you give it any thought.

If you were a child whose parent left the family and now that parent was always buying you expensive presents to, in a sense, buy your affection, that wouldn’t feel very good to you, would it? It is the same way with a girlfriend. Nobody wants to be the constant recipient of unwarranted gifts, because it cheapens the relationship which should otherwise be blossoming between you.

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It can be a really dangerous precedent if a guy’s mindset is in the wrong place. However, if a guy gets his mind in the right place, the beautiful thing about that would be that it no longer matters what he buys, because he’s buying it for the right reasons and the gift will  have the right impact.

What are thoughts on giving compliments rather than just physical gifts? Please comment in the box below!

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