Good-Looking Women: Get Them Interested!

Good-Looking Women: Get Them Interested!

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Good-looking women are everywhere, but often guys will stay well clear of them, not because they don’t find them attractive, but because they find them too intimidating.

Did you know that girls who are average looking are more likely to be hit on than a good-looking woman? Read on, and you’ll find how easy it is to get the most beautiful women to become interested in you.

Don’t let an opportunity pass you by…

Do not let a good-looking woman go past you without giving yourself an opportunity to approach her. You will probably be surprised at the positive reaction you get. I have some attractive, good-looking friends who are not hit on as much as you would think.

These girls have hot bodies and are amazingly attractive. You would think that everywhere they go they would be the object of every guy’s affection. They probably are, but very few guys actually have the balls to go up and talk to them.

Stand out from the crowd…

This is where you can start to stand out from every other guy out there. You can be the guy that has the balls to actually get up there and engage a girl. You have to remember that these girls are normal. They eat, sleep, fuck, go to the toilet, have many insecurities, probably more than the average girls do, and they are just normal people.

The only difference is that they seem to intimidate the hell out of us guys. I will not lie to you, they intimidated me for many years before I got my game sorted out. It is important to remember this before you go out and talk yourself out of approaching a good-looking girl.

Chances are you probably have looked at a good-looking girl, thought about approaching her, and then stopped because you figured that she was probably too good for you or that she had a boyfriend.

Some of those things may be the case, but you are never going to know unless you try. If you do not try, then you are just jeopardizing your own opportunities with women.

Seriously, give finding a date a go!

What have you got to lose really? If you do not approach her, you have nothing. If you do approach her, you will not die wondering. Even if you get nowhere, it is still another step in growing in your confidence and your growth as a person.

Never let another opportunity with a hot girl ever go past you again. In fact, make it a promise to yourself that when you see a hot girl on the street or in a bar or in a club, that you must approach her.

Two methods for approaching a hot girl…

  1. This is just being a normal guy, being friendly, and saying “Hi” and being interested in what she is doing and how she is going and who she really is. Getting women depends on this!
  2. Be brutally honest! Compliment her. Go and say to her, “I saw you over there and I really think you stand out from the crowd. I just wanted to say hi and get to know you a little bit.”

Whichever one you choose, the fact that you actually had the balls to walk up to a good-looking woman will be attractive to her because she will see you as a confident guy that has the balls to come up and approach her, which is something a lot of guys will not do.

Who knows, if things work out, she could be your next girlfriend or you could be sleeping with her that night. You never know. However, what I do know is if you do not approach her, nothing will happen and you will go back to a boring and dull life, unsuccessful with women or not content with the women that you are getting.