Good Questions to Ask a Girl While Texting

Want her to respond instantly to your texts– and wonder when you’ll send the next one?

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Texting a girl

Texts are powerful... when done well. Here's how...

Get her craving you with a few simple text tricks today–

I want to talk about some of the most common mistakes guys make when texting girls.  These are three of probably the most common and game ending mistakes I see guys make all the time.

The number one tip on what questions to text girls. (Would you like to master texting? Check out No Flakes. A system I’ve designed so she ALWAYS replies to your texts). Don’t ask the girl out. You don’t want to become a text friend. Your goal is not to chat to girls on text day after day.  Your goal is to see her, to spend time with her and this isn’t going to happen unless you take action and ask her out.

You’ve got to be the one that makes the move. 

You’ve got to not ask this too fast, not on your first message, but you don’t want to go more than five or ten text messages maximum without asking out in some way.   Your goal is to see her.  Nothing else is important as seeing her. You don’t want to rush and ask her out on your first messages, definitely not but you also don’t want to spiral into being this text buddy whose major thing is just chatting to girls on text.  Don’t forget to ask her out, it’s the most important part.

Number two tip on what questions to text girls is NOT sending very long winded and boring generic text messages.

Text messaging is not the place to tell your life story, or to talk about what happened all day.  Generally you don’t want to send a longer message than she sends. Learning what questions to text girls is designed to speed everything up. The person sending the shorter message tends to have a bit more power in the interaction so you don’t want to send some long winded message that talks about all this stuff.  You want to keep it very brief and to the point. For most guys, they need to look at their text message and make it at least 75% smaller.  It just needs to be short, punchy, and able to get a response and pretty much right down to the point.

My third tip is that the biggest mistake I see is guys not transitioning to talk to girls on the phone.

If you’ve met a girl online, she often will not meet up with you unless you create some security for her and some certainty by talking to her on the phone. This allows you to make her feel safer and to build a stronger connection.  You won’t always be able to do everything by text. Asking what questions to text girls is good because it will help you to think about what is going to create a much stronger connection between the two of you. Often there will be a need for you to use some sort of phone call to cement and solidify the conversation and the connection between the two of you.  Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and give her a call at some stage.

Learn the phone.

A lot of guys don’t like talking on the phone but just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you don’t have to learn it because talking on the phone is a very valuable skill to possess.  One of the good things of talking on the phone is it’s a very good place to practice conversation skills. I talk on the phone all the time and a lot of guys who are introverted simply don’t talk enough in an average day. The phone allows you to get a lot more conversational practice.

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