Hot And You’re Not Doesn’t Matter

Hot And You’re Not Doesn’t Matter

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Do you have wrinkles, pimples, warts, bad hair, or something that makes you cry every morning because you think that other people are hot and you’re not? Just because you think they’re hot and you’re not doesn’t mean it’s true. A lot of people discredit themselves for who they are, and it works against them more than they realize. Because they think down of themselves like that, women who would normally date them are saying no. Negative thinking prevents them from even considering speaking to a woman.

While you may think that everyone’s so hot and you’re just not, you are unique in the world, which makes you a “quality product.” That means everyone who sees you for the real you thinks you’re beautiful. Just ask your female friends! Here are some things to remember if you’re ever feeling like the only ugly fish in the sea.

You are beautiful
The first thing you need to do in order to change the fact that they’re hot and you’re not, is to realize the you are beautiful. You are a unique person with your own tastes, and for every man there’s a genetically engineered compatible woman. If you want to argue with this, the only way to do that is to test all of the women in the entire world. The odds of you not finding a woman are actually less than if you were able to. All that thinking that they’re hot and you’re not is preventing you from finding the best quality of woman you can find.

Women look for this
Women actually keep an eye out for men who think that everyone is hot except for themselves because of two reasons. First, this gives them a position of power. Most of them would try to use it to get into concerts for free, get drinks for free, and a lot of other things. Secondly, people who think that women are hot and they’re not are easy gold digging targets. A lot of newly rich men have succubi for wives or a bad relationship history. Once you stop thinking that they’re hot and you’re not you can avoid these women and get the women who are made for you.

Muscular Men Compensate
A secret among marketing CEO’s is that men with great muscular build only have it because they have the “hot and you’re not” complex. That’s right, most of them are trying to make up for what they think they lack in sexual appeal. Many of these men are used by women to get what the women want. Unless they accidentally fall in love, women usually leaves these men heartbroken.

Many of us have been tricked into a different way of thinking because it sells more products, but the reality is that our cores are still not changed. Women like men who are confident in themselves and will use the ones who aren’t to get to those men. All you have to do is change how you look at your life, so have fun — and if you have any trouble, it doesn’t hurt to just find some nice woman to ask for help.

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