Hottest Top 10 Signs Of Confidence Women Want In A Man

Hottest Top 10 Signs Of Confidence Women Want In A Man

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Here are the top 10 signs of confidence women want in a man, giving you the opportunity to find out what women want, learn how to be attractive, and start getting women!

1. Attitude

Women want a guy that has an easy-going attitude. He is someone that is relaxed, calm, in control of himself, and she can feel comfortable being around him.

2. Humility

He is humble. He is not someone that is boastful or insecure about himself so that he has to brag about his achievements. He knows he is great and he does not have to tell you because he knows you will eventually find out!

3. Humor

A sense of humor shows confidence and a lot of other great characteristics. She does not want to be around a guy that is serious and boring.

4. Happiness

Being happy shows that you are confident in your own skin, you are confident about the direction you are going in life and you are someone that is enjoying life and really taking life by the scruff of its neck.

5. Style

Good style is important because it shows that you have a lot of self-awareness about how you look.

6. Confidence

A guy that is confident and sure of himself generally is not a slouch. He is going to be holding himself upright and will move slowly, not rapidly. His shoulders are back and he just looks like a confident person, a person that is going somewhere.

7. Grace

He moves gracefully. He is not jittery. He just moves slowly and smoothly. A great example of this is watching a James Bond movie and seeing how he walks through a crowd. That just really oozes confidence from his skin.

8. Calmness

He is calm. Whenever there are moments of panic or fear, a confident guy knows he is capable of handling the situation. He stays calm because he is very self-aware.

9. Attentiveness

He is present. A confident guy is there in the moment. He is not thinking about the past or the future. He is not letting that jeopardize the moment that he is spending now. He is very firmly in the present. When he is listening to you, he is focused on you and you know you have his full attention.

10. Eye contact

Once again, being present is having good, strong eye contact. Eye contact demonstrates confidence. If you can hold eye contact with someone, then you are showing a lot of good characteristics.

Generally, guys that are nervous, especially around hot women, will dart their eyes around everywhere. They do not know how to look. They are not secure in themselves. A confident guy will hold good strong eye contact, be calm and collected – this is one of the many signs of confidence.