Hottest Top 10 Women First Date Ideas

Hottest Top 10 Women First Date Ideas

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The following article provides a list of 10 great ways to make a great first impression on your first date. The first date is very important because it is your first impression with a girl, so you want to get it right – and these first date ideas can help. I know I like to stand out as much as possible from the average, meaning creative dates are important.

1. A new take on the movies

Watch an outdoor movie. In summer, there are plenty of great opportunities to go out and see an outdoor movie. It is fantastic because watching a movie gives you a chance to do something together and also do it in an outdoor environment that adds a little bit more romance to the occasion.

2. A romantic, alfresco meal

Girls love a picnic. There is something about the outdoor element that adds a romantic feel to the occasion. My suggestion is to prepare the picnic yourself and surprise her. Find a nice location with a bit of scenery and prepare some nice food with a bottle of wine. This will definitely blow her away with the surprise.

3. Exploring new hobbies

Wine tasting. This can be a great deal of fun and something you can do together. Also, given that it’s a first date, it can also be a nervous occasion, so wine will help settle the nerves and help you both open up to each other!

4. Show off your culinary skills

Cook a dinner. A guy that can cook, for many girls, is a sexy thing and shows that you are able to take control and handle responsibility.

5. Unleash your competitive side

Playing mini-golf. This is a lot of fun, it is a great chance where, rather than just sitting down and talking to each other, you can still talk and have some fun at the same time. Plus, playing mini-golf might give you the opportunity to touch her and really ramp up your flirtation.

6. Get up, close and personal

Go dancing. This is fantastic for getting closer physically with your girl and can be a lot of fun. If you can take her dancing, you get to hold her, bring her close, lead her – and this displays good characteristics.

7. Knock ‘em dead

Go bowling. This is a lot of fun and is a good chance to see her competitive side and have a little fun while competing against each other. That competitive edge also might lead her to a bit of sexual energy or sexual tension between both of you.

8. Late-night chat with cocktails

Find a cozy bar. When looking for a bar, it is important that you find something that has ambience and that offers a chance to sit side-by-side. This will help when you want to touch her and ramp up the flirtation between the two of you. It is a lot harder to do if you are sitting across from each other.

9. Explore your musical taste together

Watch a live music show. If you’re both into music, there is nothing better than going out to check out a live show and getting in a good state of energy from watching live music.

10. Let nature take your breath away

Go for a scenic walk. Anywhere there are beautiful surroundings adds to the romance of the occasion. Girls love romance and she will see you as a romantic guy. Romantic guys are very hard to come by.