Hottest Top 10 Women Make-Out Tips

Hottest Top 10 Women Make-Out Tips

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Girls can tell a lot about guys by their ability to kiss and make-out – so it’s important for you to embrace the art and learn how to make-out. These tips on making out are important to keep you in the game when it comes to women.

1. Move gently and slowly

Making out is not a rush job. Girls love a guy than can be gentle and can also rough it up. Initially, it is very important that you start off slowly and take your time.

You will find, after making out for a little while, things can start to heat up. Whether you’re making out for the first time or you’re experienced, it’s important to gradually build up the sexual tension.

2. Touch

As you are kissing her, ensure that your hands are kept busy by touching her. Initially, I like to start touching her lightly. Then as I am kissing her, I begin touching her hair, her legs, and her arms. As things get more sexual, touch her thighs.

3. Kiss her neck

I have never met a girl that does not like having her neck kissed. This is a key erogenous zone and will make her wet in no time if you get it right. Kiss her neck very gently, maybe even nibble it. I sometimes like to give it a gentle bite, but not too hard.

4. Nibble her ears

Once again, like the neck, the ears are a sensitive spot. This can really turn her on.

5. Pull her hair

There is something primitive about this that turns girls on when you pull her hair. Ensure that you do it gently and gradually increase the pressure if she is enjoying it.

6. Grind your leg gently in-between her crotch

A great way to get sexual with a girl is by rubbing your knee against her pussy. Ensure that you are standing up when you do this and make sure it is a very gentle rub.

7. Pull her in firmly

Show her that you are the man, you are a dominating figure, and grab her firmly and pull her in for the kiss.

8. Tease

After making out for a little while, I will pretend that I am going to go back in for the kiss and then back away a bit. Do it a couple of times and back away. This drives her wild and makes her want you more.

9. Grab her butt

Her butt is another erogenous zone and is sensitive. So, if you are kissing her, start gently (and as things intensify, really firmly) grip her butt.

10. Hold her chin

I like to hold her chin and direct it towards my lips. Girls like a guy that can take control in the bedroom and really lead her. I find that by controlling her jaw and bringing it to my lips, it gives her an indication of what I would be like in the bedroom. She wants a man. She wants someone that is going to take the lead. This says the right things about you.