Hottest Top 10 Women’s Sexual Turn-Ons

Hottest Top 10 Women’s Sexual Turn-Ons

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You can have her irresistibly sexually attracted to you by knowing the right turn-ons that will get her warmed up and wet just thinking about you. Here are some tips to get her hot enough to beg you to help her craving.

1. Prolonged foreplay

Treat foreplay as almost like a spiritual experience before sex happens. Many guys can rush through foreplay wanting to get to the main event, but I like to think of foreplay as a separate event. Take your time and get it right because a good amount of foreplay and the right type can really increase the sexual experience and get her so turned on that she is going to want you for days.

2. Be more sexual in your caressing

When you touch a girl, you want to be gentle and sensitive towards her. She is not a doll. While some girls love to be roughed up, initially it is important that you work on your sensual caressing and make sure that you touch her gently and softly to amp up her sexual desires.

3. Be a great kisser

This is a simple thing for you to learn when it comes to turning women on in the bedroom. Once again, like foreplay, we can think of kissing as the stuff we have to do before the main event. You should learn to enjoy kissing. If you have just met a girl for the first time, the first thing you probably will do is kiss her. She can tell a lot about you by the way you kiss.

Therefore, if you are a bad kisser she is going to think instantly you are going to suck in the bedroom. Get the kissing right and she will know that you are more than adequate in the bedroom.

4. Watch female porn

Another piece of sex advice is that most girls are not as visual as guys are. They do, however, like the voyeuristic nature of some porn and especially female porn. Many porn sites now have special sections that are catered for women and show a softer, sensitive, romantic kind of porn that chicks really dig. Perhaps start off by watching it together, get horny, and turned on before the sex takes place.

5. Touch her right

The right type of touch can really send off the right sexual energy within her. I tend to like to touch with my fingertips very gently and lightly against her skin. It is a sensitive touch and she will not be able to contain herself and will be turned on.

6. Dominate her

Girls want a man in the bedroom. It is important that you play the dominant role when you are with her and instruct what she needs to do physically and verbally.

7. Tie her up

It is not for all girls, but some girls really love to be restrained and dominated. Bring out the fluffy handcuffs or get a piece of rope and very gently with her consent play the domineering role and tie her up and have your way with her.

8. Pull her hair

Some girls love this. It is very primitive. I tend to like to grab the hair just on the back of her neck and pull it down as I am kissing her or having sex with her.

Start off gently and just lightly pull her hair and if you can see she is enjoying it then pull a little bit harder and gradually increase. However, if she does not like it, immediately stop and do something else that turns her on.

9. Spank her

Once again, like pulling hair, this is something that some girls love and some girls hate. Either ask her or start off gently with a little spank and if you can feel her wanting more or if she verbalizes that she loves it, then amp it up and spank her even harder.

10. Dirty talk

Dirty talk is also one of those domineering things. If you can instruct her in a dirty way or tell her what you want to do to her in a dirty kind of tone, then it is going to turn her on and leave her wanting more.

These are just ten women’s turn-ons, and if you want to please a woman, it’s always worth asking her what she likes, too! Don’t forget, if you’d rather ask me, you can – comment below!