Hottest Women: They Could Be Yours!

Hottest Women: They Could Be Yours!

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Want to start dating the hottest women? Want the most beautiful women around to lust after you? Then you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re reading this article, you are no doubt at the point where you want to meet and interact with hot women. Perhaps you are finding that hot women are more of a challenge for you and you want to overcome that and develop the skills to attract more of them in your life today.

I know exactly where you’re coming from!

I had a friend, once, that used to be good with women, but decided that he wanted to focus just on picking up models and hot girls. He changed his life around and became a high-valued guy.

He put a lot of time into his career, a lot of time into his style, and a lot of time conquering his fears with women – especially hot, attractive women. He is now one of the most successful guys I know and regularly picks up some stunning women, which would make the average guy envious.

He shared with me one little technique that he uses that helps him when it comes to interacting with hot women. I am going to share that secret with you today.

Attractive women use tests on men…

When it comes to picking up hot women, you have to be cautious because women will use tests to ensure that you are the real deal. If you come over as confident and very assured of yourself, they are going to try to determine whether that confidence is fake or whether it is real.

Girls will often throw tests at you. They might pick on your appearance. They might find something about you that they will belittle in some kind of way. A lot of guys might get confrontational here and get angry with the girl. You need to know that this is how she is testing you out.

The best way to react to a girl throwing a test at you is to be as unfazed as possible. Actually, you want to take it as a compliment because when a girl throws a test at you, she is obviously attracted to you and wants to ensure that she is picking someone that can hold his own.

Know how to deal with these tests!

Reframe it as a compliment and laugh it off. Be unfazed. You are obviously doing something right. You could also joke around and throw it back on her a little bit and tease her in a fun, non-offensive kind of way.

It is also very important, even when a girl does test you, that you never let a girl walk over you. If you want to demonstrate to her that you are a high-value guy, that you are a guy with confidence, then ensure that you communicate to her that you are not the sort of guy that she can just walk all over.

Be in the moment…

Another important aspect of interacting with a hotter girl is being in the moment. This is crucial to keep your interactions flowing and positive. Most guys get really stuck when they perceive a challenge to their self-esteem. It may manifest itself as over thinking, over self-consciousness, or doubt.

Take these tips on board and you’ll find that finding a woman is easy! Comment below if there’s anything more I can help you with. Good luck!