How Can I Convince A Girl?

How Can I Convince A Girl?

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How can I convince a girl? This question may often run through your thoughts when it comes to many areas of your dating life, or just dealing with girls in general.

Maybe you just met a girl who seems a bit standoffish. She seems to want to do her own thing, and no matter how much you try to convince her to go out with you, you just can’t seem to change her mind. Convincing a girl to do anything she doesn’t want to do is almost an impossible task, and it will continue to be impossible as long as your focus remains on trying to convince her.

Convince a girl on an emotional level and she’ll become putty in your hands.

Something I’ve learned early in my journey of becoming one of the world’s greatest seducers is that you must never try to change a girl’s mind. Because when you do, the forces will work against you every time. The more you try to convince a girl, the more she’ll resist. It just seems to be the law of nature.

The key to understanding women is learning that they are controlled by female emotion, so you must always try to change their emotions instead. I actually have this vivid memory back when I was ten. I was out at a social event with my parents. My Mom was tired and basically just over the event and was telling my Dad that we were going home, and going home NOW.

My Dad, being a smart man, knew there was no way that he was going to win this argument. So instead of trying to change my Mom’s mind, he bought her a Bourbon and Coke instead. Instantly, her state of mind changed and so did her attitude. Now, you don’t have to get girls drunk to change their state of mind. That is not at all what I am implying here. You just need to have an understanding in the way their minds work.

Let’s say you’re trying to convince a girl to have sex with you for the first time. If you try to logically explain all the reasons why having sex with you would be the greatest idea ever, then you’re going to have a hard time making that sell. If, however, you focus on being seductive and putting her in a turned-on state, then you won’t need to convince her as to why having sex with you is a good thing. She will actually convince herself.

She will throw caution to the wind, have sex with you, and then rationalize it the next morning by thinking she must have been really attracted to you. So how do you change a girl’s emotional state? Let’s focus on three particular scenarios that guys often encounter, and I’ll show you how to turn things around in your favor.

First scenario: The ice queens.

When you approach a girl in a nightclub environment or out on the street, she often puts up an automatic wall of preservation. She doesn’t do this because she’s a bad person or she thinks that you’re a jerk. She does this to protect herself from all the other losers that constantly approach her and tell her how gorgeous she is. Hot girls are always getting approached with lame pick-up lines by sleazy guys, so what you first see may not be who she actually is.

When I first started approaching women, I had an extreme challenge breaking through to the ice princess. They used to terrify me. And because of that, the moment I got any sort of negative feedback from them, my confidence completely diminished. Over time, I had one significant mindset shift that completely changed my approach when talking to these types of girls.

I had an epiphany that changed the way I saw these women. When most guys approach a girl, their emphasis is on what they can get from the girl. They might be trying to get a good reaction, get a number, or get a kiss. This was certainly true for me in my early days. Over time, I realized that my appreciation, my focus, and my affection were actually gifts that I could give to girls.

So if a girl had a somewhat bitchy attitude where she just had an unnatural, automatic, prickly reception to every guy that approached her, I was able to completely disarm that by coming in with extreme warmth. As a result of this, I stopped cold approaching and started focusing on warm approaching.

So what was the difference here? Well, first I would come in with a really positive energy. I would look at them as being fun and friendly. I quit thinking of them as possible ice queens. I’d approach with a, “Hey! You guys look like a lot of fun. I thought I’d come over and say hi,” with a step in my walk. I would compliment them when appropriate. But most importantly, I was completely unaffected by any sort of perceived negative response.

If they gave me a negative response, I would just laugh it off. This energy completely broke through the negative energy of the group and drew them into my reality, rather than the other way around. The ice thawed, and they immediately warmed up to me. The whole atmosphere changed, and became one of openness and positive responses. Be a guy who is warm, sincere, and genuine, and you’ll get the same in return.

Second scenario: Long-term relationship.

What about the situation where you’re in a long-term relationship and you hear about a great event coming up, or a friend’s party that you want to go to? I have a couple of friends that are married and they constantly have to tiptoe around waiting around for the right time to ask their wife if they felt like going out.

They continually walked on eggshells and lived in constant fear that she was going to shut them down. The mistake they’re making is they’re putting pressure on themselves to suggest going to something. One of the most powerful ways to convince someone is to trick them into thinking that it was their idea in the first place. This will work like a charm on any girl.

To do this, you drop subtle hints that will put the idea in their head. I like to think of it as playing connect the dots, where you drop the various dots and let them come up with the picture. When someone thinks the idea is their own, they’re 100% behind it. I’ve used this with great success with all my girlfriends in the past, and continue to use it to this day.

Once, I was planning a weekend away to Vegas with the boys. This was back when I was a married man, long before I knew anything about being a great seducer. The truth is, I used to be completely whipped. I remember that in this particular situation, I was dropping subtle hints to my wife about how stressed and overworked I was. I would say things like how much I missed hanging out with my friends and needed a vacation before I completely lost my mind.

These hints were subtle, but they were obviously powerful enough for her to recognize that I needed a weekend away. She actually suggested, “Hey, you should organize a weekend away with the boys.” Hot Damn! Knowing my wife, had I been the one to make that suggestion, I’m pretty sure she would have shut me down flat.

She would have come up with a variety of reasons as to why that wouldn’t have been a good solution. But because it was her idea, she fully supported me going off with my buddies. I left and had a great time, and didn’t have to come back with the fear that she would be upset that I’d gone away and left her alone. You can do the same thing with the women in your life and have the same results.

Third scenario: Changing her disinterest to interest and arousal.

I’m sure you have had this experience. You’re ready to go. You’re so turned on you can barely contain yourself. But for whatever reason, the girl you’re seeing isn’t. Maybe you haven’t had sex with her yet and she’s worried about how you will perceive her afterwards. Maybe she’s a longtime girlfriend but the romantic passion has gone out of the relationship.

The more you try and convince her that having sex is a good idea, the more she’ll likely distance herself from you. Instead, you need to focus on getting her into a sexual state. The solution here actually runs counter-intuitive to how 99% of the male population think. The key here is to have her believing that she is THAT desirable.

Most guys will focus on trying to turn her on. They’ll start kissing her, hugging her, and maybe playing with her erogenous zones. While this could potentially work in your favor, it’s like an amateur’s approach to getting a girl into a sexual state. The more powerful and effective way of doing it is to actually focus on getting yourself turned on. I know what you’re thinking. How can that possibly work?

You need to let her know what she’s doing to you. Let her know that she’s the cause of your semi-erect penis. Let her know of all the nasty thoughts she is causing in your mind. The greatest gift we can give to women is to let them know that they have a sexual impact on us. Women love to be desired. They love it when they know they are the cause of your arousal.

This allows her to connect to her primal sexual energy. When you do this correctly, her mind will go into override and what she thinks will no longer matter. Her emotional state will overwhelm her mental state, and she will no longer be able to contain herself. Women love to think that they are the cause of your arousal. So work with that, and let her know how hot she makes you feel.

Women don’t think like men; they’re just not programmed in the same way. You have to put yourself in their minds and think like they think. The best way to convince any girl is to play on her emotions instead of logic. Once you learn the trick of making girls think everything is their idea, you’ll have them where you want them. You’ll actually convince them by making them think they are the ones doing the convincing.

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