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Let me know how I can write better email newsletters, for you.

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Let me know how I can do better at helping you attract women.

How can I do better?

This can be you... what are you struggling with?

Do you want me to write blog posts about the techniques you’ll use to meet women? The ways you can improve your mindset, so you’re more confident?

Do you want me to keep you updated on how current events change the dating scene? New tools and technology you can use to meet women?

Do you want to make your relationship better? Do you want to learn to be a better person?

Or do you just want to score with hot chicks?

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What interests you?

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– Vin

UPDATE: I’ve read every single one of your comments. And I’ve approved them all, unless they contained personal info – like your cell phone number, etc.

With your input, I’m launching a new style of email newsletter, tomorrow. And I’ve added new topics to cover in my newsletters and blog posts, too.

Please, let me know how I can help you. Even if there’s not a blog to post on.

Because I’m here, writing these newsletters and blog posts, for one reason: To help you achieve your goals.

But if I don’t know what you want, I can’t help you.

So don’t suffer in silence, let me know how I can best help you: Feel free to post on this blog, whenever you want. I’ll listen to whatever you want to say.

You simply need to say it :-)


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  1. Michael /

    Vin…it would be super helpful if you could give fashion advice, looks advice, etc. If you could figure out women types and looks they go for…that would be a great big help. Pair that with all of your advice and those of us who don’t get to meet and hang with the ladies we desire would benefit greatly from it. If I could get personal feedback about me from someone who really knows, I’d pay for that in a heartbeat.

  2. I have been working so hard to keep my job I have not had time to get to you stuff in depth. That however will change in just over a week as all my hard work has gone un-noticed and I am getting laid off. I can get a job pretty easy in the field I’m in but I need a little time to work on me. I have seriously worked 60 – 80 hrs per week for 3 – 4 months. I think it a good idea to put out how changes in the economy effect dating and how or if being unemployed will be percieved by potential females.

  3. ThatNateGuy /

    Hey Vin,

    How about expanding more on the psychology behind Pandora’s Box? The three axes you discuss for identifying a woman’s psychological profile were hugely beneficial. Can you expand beyond the interviews?

    Also, some more mindsets for certain situations a guy might face (meeting a woman’s parents, living with a woman, long distance relationships, how to change a perception where there may have previously been a bad one). I’ve honestly felt better about myself when you explain the mindsets a man should have and WHY he should have them were hugely beneficial. I think various scenarios and how to deal with them could make for a lot of material for regular blog posts.

    Thanks a lot for your material!

  4. Kai Ries /

    The meginning is a bit meager I mean you post big promises that interests me the most times what makes me click the explore more than I have to pay imediatly.
    I think it would be more credible if you just share a little demo to prove that it is worth.

  5. lorenzo /

    tell me how to answer to women on Zoosk, AreYouInterested, Badoo, etc. on my first contact so as to arouse their interest and get them “hooked”on replying to my first contact.

  6. Make the videos downloadable.

  7. If you want to do something to serve me specifically…

    Would you make available a references list of the scholarly papers that you and Brian found to be highly relevant and significant to your development of Pandora’s box?

    I am interested in that scientific level research much more than the application…and I am impressed by how Pandora’s Box turned out.

  8. jorge calvillo /

    How to make her stop talking to her best Male friend.

  9. Vin, you’re doing great!

    One thing though…

    Dont’ ask to send an email to if the whole address doesn’t exist :)

    I hope this is error at your end. Otherwise I would be embarrassed, and what fun is that ? ;)

    I would also like to hear more about belifs and how to acquire them.

    Thank you so much!

  10. Stop the ego tied bullshit and get rid of the secrets and just tell us up front. Aren’t we all adults here?

  11. 1) When are you going to offer an online dating program
    2) I prefer hard copy books and dvds. downloads are a pain
    3) I agree you need to keep your prices down in these hard times

  12. umm. we want you to give as a TECHNIQUES that we can use. like how to approach women, how to attract women fast, what is the first thing we would say if she is in a bad mood, or you can just give us your techniques how do you do to women. or just give us a little. because it really help us. and all the things you said in your letter (HOW CAN I DO BETTER) like techniques you’ll use to meet women etc. we need that too. and by the way thanks!! vin you really help us. and we will make sure that we will use it in the right thing. thanks!!!

  13. Adam Roberts /

    Hey Vin,

    I have been using your Pandora system for a short time and I am very impressed with the material. Because I am so busy right now, I am using the internet a lot to meet women. I was wondering if you have any plans in the works to do a program or a video, etc. on the topic of using Pandora in conjunction with online dating sites to type women before you meet them. Maybe you could expound on cues to pick up on in what they write about themselves to determine how to respond to them individually based on their personality type. This type of material would be of great benefit to me personally and to many other guys out there, I’m sure.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!!

  14. Hey Vin, I had purchased your original Pandora’s Box set with access to ten PDF files about women and how the different types of women generally think and act. And months later I had bought some conversational audio files along with some video clips on conversation starters and how to speak with women and what they expect of us as interested men. I believe that those two purchases alone have given me a very broad understanding of women and have enlightened me beyond my wildest dreams. My confidence level has skyrocketed my knowledge since then and I’ve been successful in getting positive, instead of negative, reactions from young women especially. I know I’m supposed to leave a comment instead of a testimonial, but I believe you deserve some props from me. So with that said, I believe you’re doing a great job and I want to encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing. I can’t quite come up with any creative ideas as to how you could help me any more than you have personally, so this comment is purely just for encouragement. You can see too that I’m a pretty good looking guy, though it’s not always the looks that make things easy. in fact it’s worked against me in the past. If you check me out on and message me I can tell you just what kind of experience I’ve had being model quality but women illiterate, and how your system has changed that for me. Thanks for being there! :)

  15. Vin, look man I love what your doing here. It’s awesome stuff and in most cases it’s helped me with confidence. However I need something from you that I’ve yet to come across. I’m in real need of a blind mans perspective on how to notice a woman noticing me. You see I’m visually impaired, (not totally blind but blind enough I can’t drive EVER). I just need to know if there’s something big out there a woman might do to single she’s interested. (eye contact may be great for some but I can’t see her eyes from 20 ft away). Help me out here.

  16. need to move foreward /

    I could use more advise on getting women turned on.

  17. More anecdotes of how you or your trainers changed a mindset or used a technique in real life

  18. amad taha /

    hi…i think you doing great…good luck

  19. FACEBOOK GAME PLEASE. How to pick up hot women off of Facebook. I’m not interested in any other method.

  20. Richard Lacusky /

    You should publish a book or sell your program on CD. I’m sure there are more guys out there like me who would like to give it a try but don’t have internet access at home to use.

  21. Joseph Pereira /

    Hey man, here’s my problem. I’ve got this girl I’ve liked for nearly 4 years now. We’ve actually become pretty close in the passed few months, but there’s a problem. She’s got a boyfriend, and she’s very committed to him. He can treat her like shit, and she still stays with him. Part of the reason is because they work together and she doesn’t want things to be awkward, and another reason is because he took her virginity. The thing is, she trusts me more than him, and comes to me with all her problems. It may sound like I got caught in the “friend zone”, however all of our mutual friends strongly imply that she likes me. I’m trying to build a strong connection using the advanced strategies, but that brings me to my next problem. I’m having trouble determining if she’s a TDR or a NDR. On one hand, she’s been with her boyfriend for the passed 5 years. Testers usually don’t go long term like that. She also enjoys conversations that are more personal, rather than commenting on things in the environment or talking about television shows or whatever. So all that points to Investor. However, she’s also a huge tomboy, and puts up tons of defensive walls. Also, whenever I get even the slightest bit flirty, she gets uncomfortable. For example, instead of saying “good night”, one day I said “sweet dreams”, and she told me to just say good night. This all points to tester. I’m not sure if it’s because she doesn’t feel comfortable, or because she wants to keep me at a distance due to her boyfriend. That’s my problem though, hopefully you can help me out. Thanks.

  22. Robert E Rogers /

    I think that you are doing a great job. I look forward to recieving your E-Mails every week to see what new and exciting information that you have. The one question I have is that when I purchase information from you and once it’s downloaded it is in a zipped file and there are several 3 or 4 minute audios. Is there a reason for this and would it be possible to have just one audio rather than 8 or 10 short ones?
    Thanks, keep up the great work

  23. How about some discussion on dating women in various age groups. Does something like Pandora’s Box apply to women in all age groups? Is there a difference between dating a young 20-something woman versus dating a divorced 40-something woman that has already been married at least once and has fulfilled her desire to have children?

  24. I think you should do an Android app for tips on the go.

  25. Hey Arto,

    You’re completely right :( Jason uses that email address everyday, but for some reason it’s broken now.

    You can feel free to send your email to, instead. It’ll go to someone else who can hook you up with you know what ;-)

    – Vin

  26. Hey Alex,

    Yeah, actually I can.

    Go to this page:

    And scroll down to about 1/2 to 2/3rd of the way through. On the right hand side, you’ll see a columned list with all the papers, research, etc we used.

    – Vin

  27. yes.. help me with club life.. especially with moves how : to dance/ how to enjoy this kind of life. I’m looking after some material.. from a while, but can’t find anywhere :|

  28. hey how can I order your products away from pay pal because it will not accept my credit card have tried many times with out success please advise thank you

  29. ok, so i just wrote a fucking novel before entering the wrong code, pressing the back button and my shit not being there… fix that first! then dont be so vauge in your explanations. give numerous examples so that it might fit more than one or two of your listeners situation

  30. Hi vin my name is William I go by willie want you know that I have adhd and some of stuff your fringe to teach me I’m not realy understanding is there any way you can explain it in more detail for me to get a better understanding I hate to say it but a lot of it just goes over my head I dont have any trouble going up to women at all my trouble is what to say to let them now that I’m in to them and picking up on signs like are they in to me cause I think they are a lot of the time but sense I’m not sure I dont do anything about it went they say or do sometimg that I think they do to let me know they are interested in me so then they think I’m not or whatever so then the moment has passed and over I get it mixed up with if there just being nice or are they in to me as well thanks willie holt

  31. My best friend & I swear by you Mr Carlo.we both want to attend one of your friend lives in Vancouver & I live in London.any chance you’ll ever come to England?
    Oh,& please keep coming up with more stuff.i know its hard to put everything in but could you say come up with revision guide sorta books containing the most important points & such.

  32. In reply as to how you can do better? I think the pandora’s box system was great in theory but sometimes a guy already knows the girl he is after and having to pay and wait to have the part his girl fits seems a bit harsh.. Also a consultation to really make sure you are using the right 1 of 8 types would be cool. I have a girl right now that makes it hard to qualify because she has things about her that fits more then 1 type.

  33. penelope, girlfriend of one of your losers /

    Vinny ol boy, you are all about form. You have no substance. That’s like a handsome,self-confident doctor who really isn’t
    competent to practice medicine. Women will go to him cause he has
    such good form, but then they figure it out. No substitute for substance, Vin. A porno star and someone who loves you are not the
    same thing, and I guess I don’t need to tell you which of those I
    think you represent? Grow up man, you’re really nothing but a child pretending to be an adult. Substance, Vinny, not form. Form
    is empty. Your spiel is empty. There’s only one way to get substance, Vin. Hard work over a sustained period of applying yourself to Intellect and Feeling that comes from being in touch
    with reality. You may not have the capacity for it — not everyone
    does. In that case, a caveat would be nice: This stuff is all about form; nothing to do with substance. We can’t help with that.
    You’ve led this loser here down the primrose path of form, Vinnie,
    and that’s why he won’t be able to have me in a real relationship.

  34. Hey Vin
    Great advice im going to use your tips ive already started.I have found the more you dont contact your ex the more she contacts you.
    I guess it makes them miss you and wonder what you are doing
    Thanks brother

  35. Vin,

    I’m loving Pandora’s Box, but I’m having trouble nailing her “type” with different age groups of women. I’m wondering if age changes how she presents herself and may make it seem like she’s a “Playette” when she’s really an aging “Cinderella” who’s PRESENTING like a Playette because she feels desperate about being over 40. Can you talk more about how we can see past age-specific behaviors?

  36. Hey Penelope,

    … Aren’t you his girlfriend?

    I kinda think that’s a win for “our” team ;-)

    – Vin

  37. You can do better by being pragmatic, as I think you trying to be by reading your emails.

    Today’s 20-30% unemployment rate as measured during the Great Depression, not today’s lipstick on the pig has made dating very difficult. It’s even tough to get women to meet you halfway for a cup of coffee today, to see if you want more dates….they don’t want to invest the money for coffee and gas [men and women].

    The single dances that used to be the cat’s meow are now sparcely attended or bankrupt. The cocktail lounges are empty, in a lot of cases too.

    So what’s the answer, buy another self help book from single’s snake oil salesmen????

    I’d try going to your main contacts over the years, you know, your regular hair stylist that purposely rubs into you during hair cuts, or that babe at Toastmasters who smiles a lot at you. At least you don’t have to sink bucks into a no 2nd date meeting [or more likely , a no 1st meeting]….the date is for sure.

    That’s why singles dances [if you can still find one today] are great, you meet ‘em, click with ‘em, then get ‘em to another place, like a bar or restaurant that night, while they’re still hot and wet. They’ll forget the economy then.

  38. Ditto what Penelope wrote. You’re sort of like the cultural equivalent of rap/sub-woofing/crack/anal sex; innovations to be sure, but not really contributions to western civ, eh? So you have
    sex with a thousand women, so what? Stimulate those nerve endings.
    Animals can do that. Pretty vacuous existence for a human being. I
    know this Mexican man has 22 children with 2 women. I guess he’d be a winner by your standards. Stupid moron of a human being, like
    quantity is more important that quality of life. You’re in the same boat man. You can get a hundred or whatever, or just get some
    poison ivy extract — a good itch to scratch, a form of pleasure.
    Nobody including the women who are using you as much as you are using them, gives a hang about your silly nerve endings. Think you’d ever want to know something really satisfying in life? Read
    a good book for start. Email me if you need a title or two. Lucy.

  39. After going through your whole program I never got the 3 questions to ask. Also I am trying to move out of the friend zone and would love the information on how to make that happen.

  40. stanley sandefer /

    Well Vin I have paid for all your downloads for months but have not been able to go online since I paid months ago for them because I’m an over the road truckdriver and I also instruct people to get their cdl license on the road so I was wonderiing did I lose all those or do I still have access to them and how do I do that since it had probably been about 3 or 4 months thanks Stanley

  41. Hey Vin,

    Maybe you have this in one of your products, but I would love to know how to best way to escalate with a girl that you met through a friend and this is the first time you are meeting her. This is especially difficult cause your friend guy/girl could cock block you. Thank You! your shit has been so helpful I basically am trying to buy every program of yours I can find!

  42. Yeah im loving your e-mails I read them everyday, but im looking for the signs of when a girl likes you. I have sum mental block or somthing that makes me blind to these things. And when I do find out its to late leaving me hating myself. So I ask you Vin do you have any advice? EwW

  43. Hey Vin,
    I know that most of your materials and requests from people have to do with gaining success in the earlly stages of a relationship. Using your book and other resources combined with my past experiences, I would consider myself very well versed and successful in these areas.

    Now however, I’ve settled down with only one girlfriend and am thinking long term (I could say that you helped me land the girl of my dreams). I have read the Sex God Method as you recommended, but I still believe there may be some extra information I should know about besides sex that you could hellp me with. Some longer term strategies or mindsets that will almost gaurentee success with the girl I love would be amazing.

    It just feels like now that I’ve gotten to this point, the well runs dry. Where I’ve found your emails so helpful in the past, now I feel like they are just another marketing scheme to sell the “answer” to women for dominant-challenged men (no offense guys, I was there once too).

    You say you’re in a long term set up yourself, then share the wealth and experiences!

    Thanks Vin,

  44. Hey Vin,

    Pandora’s Box is amazing, but figuring out what type a girl is still incredibly difficult and sometimes a girl falls a little into both categories. If you have a longer test to give us with more than 9 questions or have a more detailed ways to tell that would be super helpful. Especially as you said Testers behave as investors, I have found that some confusion (or bad game on my own) of trying to get a denier or justifies figured out. Thanks!

  45. I started reading some of your hard drive program and not only did it seem complicated, but some of your wording is beyond my comprehension. I really don’t want to sit here with a dictionary to look up words that I don’t understand. I would rather that you wrote it in terms that the average person can relate to.

    This whole scenario reminds me of an episode of Family Guy where Glenn Quagmire is holding a class on how to get laid, but Brian Griffin wants the girl of his dreams to fall in love with him and he goes to the class and totally drives away his potential lover using Quagmire’s techniques.

    After reading in your program, I realized that I’m searching for the girl of my dreams and not just sex and if I have to pretend to be something that I’m not, then I’ll never find her using your techniques.

  46. Hi Vin,

    By far the most important thing to not only attracting women, but to also to finding happiness in life, is your mindset. I read The Attraction Code way back in 2008, and thought it was great. It improved my life in many ways.

    However, eventually I slipped back into alot of my old habits, and find myself fluctuating between dominance and old habits. And it gets really old, and just seems like a lot of effort. What would be really great is to be constantly reminded to stay on focus: maybe a daily mindset tip or something like that?

    I have re-read The Attraction Code so many times that it just doesn’t have that spark of newness and hope that I got when I first read it, and I think a daily tip, reinforcing the information by presenting it in new and interesting ways, would be EXTREMELY helpful!

    Thanks for all of your help so far; it has been tremendous!

  47. paige hunt /

    hi–your preambles and most videos are FULL of self-serving bullshit!!!get to the freaking point in the first couple of minutes, PLEASE!!!
    i just want the baby–NOT the labor pains!!!i get so bored watching the videos (and i can’t fast-forward to the meat and potatoes)—if you’re advertising “what to say to a woman in the first 2 or 3 minutes, why does it take you 25 just to tell me that this will be revealed to me soon–in one of the next 5 or 10 videos?–please keep your introductions short and not go off on long, personal experience diatribes–no one really cares that YOU know how to score–just tell US your secrets–we paid for THEM–not your stories. And while i’m at it, i remember your comment about OTHER advice/dating services that get you hooked with an initial price and THEN continually offer AD-ONS that you feel should have been included with the INITIAL package–personally, THAT’S how i feel about YOUR program–as of now, i haven’t even had the patience to view the first set of videos (ONLY got through the first couple referring to type of girl —investor, tester, etc.) As one other poster already stated, “we’re all adults here, right?–please just get to the point, or at least, offer an abrigged version to the rest of us who don’t have the time to wathc and listen to you stroking your ego–thanks for having the guts to ask our opinions–that shows class–

  48. Hey vin I’m jared when you talk about getting women you don’t go in to great enough detail. I will talk to them but that ain’t the thing most of the time i like the women that look a little to good. If you know what I mean I ain’t the best looking man you know and when women won’t talk to me when I speak to them it makes me fill like I ain’t good enough or don’t look good enough so what do I do?

  49. Hey Vin,
    I want to have great sexual relationships with women (18-24) who don’t want to jump into marriage. I’m 49 and in great physical shape.

  50. Hi Vin

    I think bullet points would be good to point out what to say how to make move etc not an novel just a few pointers to keep a conversation with a women going what say etc. Also fashion tips who to look but break down into two bits one for the average guy who does not earn enough money like myself and guy that does earn more remember some guys earn more than others.

    Also remember to do backgrounds on who your members are like majority of your members will be from North America but some will be in other countries to if you can try do a background search on how to meet girls in other countries that would be great. to get girls in the UK & Europe for example and Asia etc. That would be the ultimate thing

    Your research is great and your programmes are great to but just them few pointers to help us more.

    Your Friend

    Chris UK

  51. Vin,

    I have just joined a university. Can you PLEASE tell me how to begin flirting and getting those pretty hot girls laid here in my room? Will be waiting anxiously. I hope you write on this before i am no-more-fresher in this university.

  52. Vin,

    I have just joined a university. Can you PLEASE tell me how to begin flirting and getting those pretty hot girls laid here in my room? Will be waiting anxiously. I hope you write on this before i am no-more-fresher in this university..

  53. hey since i receive your mails, i was never able to purchase something. because i don´t have a credit card. how can i pay per paypal?

  54. Vin,

    The marketing formula is tiring. I know it helps you to write long emails, and have long introductions, as we get invested in your product, but sometimes the final value is low. For example, the Three Questions to get her type never delivers three questions.

    The use of types needs to be condensed and techniques specified and simplified. Also, the material is too high in price and the whole of the material needs to be made available at once. I have a Seducer interested, I am clsoe to falling into the friend zone, and I can’t wait 8 to 10 weeks for specific material on her.

    Lastly, gear some material for an older customer, and also for online dating. Hot chicks in videos are fun to listen to but I am not going after 20 year olds. I’d like to see an interview with a 45 year old woman who understands the types and can articulate her transition over the years between types.

  55. imtiaz ahmed /

    you must have to guid ppls about real love real emotions of love reality of love how to build love confidence some of ppls are not interested in sex before marry so pls do advice me how I can propiciate my love to live commited with me

  56. Response to your “How can I serve you better”
    You’ve done quite a bit of good for a lot of people but I think you could focus more on increasing income. Being able to get any woman is excelent information, but unless you have sufficient income to go where the women are, the information isn’t a whole lot of use.

  57. Hi,i just to say your technics are way to long to read,i get bored real fast.I don’t wanna buy anything cuz i don’t have a credit card.I just to know how to have the courage to break the ice talking to women.I’m sexually confident,but i have no guts talking to women,i’m petrified by them.Anywho,thanks for reading me,the ball is in your court-yard,bye now.

  58. I bought some items from a recent promotion that were billed as five separate transactions at once. As a result, my credit card company issued a fraud alert and deactivated my credit card temporarily. It wasn’t a major problem to get it reactivated, but it was annoying and inconvenient. Going forward can you avoid billing like this?

    Thanks for the opportunity to tell you about this. I tried to contact you when it happened but I couldn’t find an email address.

  59. Richard Banger /

    Vin, your stuff is great… As you continue to help us men to handle those women issues in your life, you might come to like helping others. So much so, that you might find youself giving things away for free, just for the gratification you get from helping guys get this area of their life handled. So much so, it might even cross your mind, I mean can you imagine what it would be like to have an army of men hanging on your every word, ordering every product, scanning every newsletter, now wouldn’t that be great? I can assist you in making this happen, I can show you every secret to growing your own franchise, yes, I said “franchise”. Normally this kind of information runs thousands of dollars, but because I personally want you to be successful, I’m willing to give you a break on the price. For $997 I can assist you to reach your goals of click through, internet marketing, building a brand, advertising in a congruent way to your brand and more. As a bonus, I will through in 8 hours of coaching, by new book “How to Maximize Profits Now”, and another bonus, the 12 secrets internet marketers don’t want you to know, a special report designed by high level people that I can’t even mention here. As a third bonus, I’m willing to through in my old girl friend, now granted, she is used, but wouldn’t that be great to bang another bikini model while you get all this great information for just $997 dollars? I won’t keep this program open long, but for you Vin, since you are a special customer, I will extend this offer to your listeners as well.

    This is a fantastic offer to learn how to market on the internet, and absolutely destroy the competition. I can’t think of a better investment, plus you get all the bonuses, and get to fuck my girlfriend. I have worked really hard to be able to offer this special offer to you today, for just the measly price of $997 dollars. There are only 4 programs available, I can’t just give this away to everyone, and once those are sold, this program will be gone forever. Yes, the secrets will be locked up, and the gold masters locked in a bank safe deposit box. It’s imperative that you order today, become one of the 4 that will benefit from the secrets that will net you millions of dollars.

    I am being innundated with calls, so please hold tight if as we are working to get staff in place to handle all this extra volume.

  60. Hi Vin. I think you can serve your readers better by providing, say, 2 or 3 different newsletter options. The first could be say a daily tips newsletter than can be read in under 30 seconds for time poor, stressed out people. The second could go into more detail, and the third could comprehensively discuss any kind of issue to do with dating and women.

  61. TheEdge /

    Hi Vin,
    Perhaps it’s only me, but I feel like you’ve missed some of the technicalities involved with our body language when meeting women.

  62. Mark Peterson /

    HI! I love your stuff but, you use this stuff where I need 7zip to down load it, and I can’t get it to work and your vietos that take 25 min. takes me
    an hour, it’s allwise stoping and starting. please help!!!

  63. Vin

    I have a problem. I have this “girl friend” that I like her a lot, and I feel she likes me too… She sends me all the signals that her is interested, like playing with her hair, she smiles when we talk… But, she rarely touch me, and when I try to heat things up she kinda go back… And the most people I talk says that she’s interested in me by the way we talk and all. Her best girl friend told that she only see’s me like a friend, but all those signals, I know that they aren’t lying…What would you do Vin?

    By the way thanks for the Pandora’s Box Program!

  64. Vin DiCarlo /

    @ Richard Banger

    You, sir, obviously know exactly what to do, to make all the ladies love you. ;-)

    – Vin

  65. Vin DiCarlo /

    @ Steve

    Sorry about that, I put that offer together myself… and I’m terrible with tech.

    Simple Conversation Starters is like this, too. But I won’t be running these kind of offers in the future.

    – Vin

  66. Sorry Vin. I barely have time to read your emails or watch any of the videos. I am really busy. I like your concept but some of the mp3s I did listen to were murky and didn’t offer as much advice as I would have liked. I agree with your analysis of certain types and the idea of being “in the know”, that’s brilliant but beyond that there’s not much need to do more studying. I don’t think most men really need to break it down to a science, even though that makes it interesting. It’s all about energy. You vibrate and the right women respond. The rest is just experience, a sense of timing and high self esteem without arrogance. If you’re interesting, you don’t need money.

  67. Vin DiCarlo /

    @ Chris

    Yeah man, there’s been some confusion on the three questions. It’s really quite simple: There’s a nine question quiz on the top right. Use the first, fourth and seventh questions.

    – Vin

  68. Vin DiCarlo /

    @ Lucy.

    Thanks for sharing. I’m sorry you’re so angry, but I respect your ability to share your feelings in an open forum, such as this one.

    – Vin

  69. Wallace DeWalt /

    Come on now your milking this for all you can get . I’m 56 just got divorced about a year ago have NO KIDS at all and just started going back out looking for someone to be in my life and I don’t care for women my age they just can’t keep up with me and X was 1/2 my age . I don’t have all the time in the world to find someone and start a family so I was looking at you for some help on how to talk to women but hell this is to SLOW for the money being paid and so far all is has been is BS TALK . Start getting to the POINT and start giving us some real info. that we can uses NOW . If you Can’t I’ll just Drop this and move on !

  70. Patrick /

    I would love to get your fifteen dollar deal, but I won’t have ANY money until Saturday 1 October.

  71. Vin – I was going to join ur various programs…but the minute I started doing a little independent research on ur various offerings I immediately was struck by the huge variable price points u hawk 4 the Same Products, depending if we receive ur offers by email or just googling the product name…please Set Standard prices across the web, that way ur Credibility goes Up and our Confusion goes down!

  72. Dear Vin,
    Thank you for your great contributions. But I am very busy this time and I save every your messages that you send me. I am convinced that I will be free soon and can learn from you more than before.
    Be success, well and happy

  73. Hi Vin! Thank you for all the research you’ve done, thanks for sharing it. I see myself as a half-natural, but still your guidance is really useful. Although everything is OK, I need some kind of order.. There’s a lot of info, but where should I start, and continue.. The frist thing is the Attraction Code? The Pandora’s Box? Escalation Ladder?
    Anyway man, thanks for your contribution to mankind.

    PD: I’ll remember you when I become a Rockstar ;)

  74. mark mayfield /

    How do I get my wife to have more sex? Had a lot of bad stuff happen over last uear, her having affair. We have recover but the sex is not there. How do I get that back? Love your insight to female mind.

  75. Hey Vin,

    I read your emails and they are very interesting, but I don’t buy your material because a lot of it doesn’t apply to me. I live in Tokyo and the problem I have is communicating with girls who speak only basic English. I travel to other countries and I encounter this problem time and time again. Why not put together a guide that covers how to approach women that don’t speak your language well? That would be useful! I also used to live in Brooklyn and I worked in Manhattan. International cities (Especially NYC) gets tons of girls that don’t speak good English. Vin, open up the world to us bro! (And all the beautiful women it has to offer)

  76. denim mind /

    Your lengthy verbage is useless bait and switch advertising.
    IF (that’s a big IF) If you choose to help guys then DO events
    and invite Males and Females to interact.
    Perhaps you noticed there was some boy girl interaction during
    school. Invite co-eds to a mall and sell plastic wrist bands to
    identify singles with your affiliation. Then two days before the
    event tell the advanced purchasers where the after party would be.
    Make a Co-Ed interaction S-I-M-P-L-E. OFFER A RECEPTION LINE!
    Look how simple this paragraph is. Boy meets girl in one Paragraph. Your WEB presence team has snow jobbed you and you bought it and lapped it up like a sick puppy. FIRE THEM! Then get serious.

  77. Thomas Fry /

    Vin, I would love to hear more about how men like me can attract super hot females. I’m a 42 year old man with two small children, I am a single parent, mom is barely in the picture at all. I have a full work schedule, and have to be there to support my kids, so the advice I recently read about “being able to re-arrange your schedule”, and “stay up late nights, and still have energy to continue a date for days” doesn’t work for me, but I’m mostly attracted to women in the 25-35 age range. I go out and get hit on by alot of 40 somethings, and “fatties”. It’s quite honestly a little demoralizing. I want a hot young chick, not necessarily “lots” of hot young chicks, but I want at least one. I know you can help.

  78. i suscribed for at least 4 months and the problem is after reading this, i never actually found a way to help me figure out the types of women, the basic questions didn’t always work if i did know all the answers and usually i didn’t. also i never figured out what 3 questions you can ask to get laid.. i thought i should at least get to know that after 400 dollars. also are you ever going to do the group teaching again?

  79. Druegan /

    Hey Vin,

    Your “Pandora’s Box” is some great material, the psychological insights especially. Two things I’d *love* to know about, if you’ve got the time to put something together on em.. First bit is how to use the insights from Pandora’s Box to actually get inside their head to help them past some of their issues? I know a number of really genuinely nice women who get hamstrung by histories of crippling self-doubt and the abuse that inevitably comes from being a “walking carpet” all the time. I know that’s a bit more “therapy” than “love life”.. but I figure if one can manipulate their defense systems to get into their pants, one should be able to do the same to help em live better. Second bit I’d like to see is a kind of “extreme cases” guide.. Like what might give someone a shot if they’re a stereotypical “fat 40 year old unemployed virgin living in their mom’s basement”. Kind of putting the whole bit to an “ultimate test” so to speak.

  80. Hi Vin. My experience from the main pandora’s box, videos, and mp3s is that it has given me knowledge. It is like I am not necessarily aware that I know it all the time exactly but I can feel it’s there part of me. Sometimes I feel it is not always a matter of concentrating on doing the techniques but rather feeling out the situation and context and improvising. You can talk to women and have somewhat of a connection but moving to the next level is matter of wanting to and making the correct move when the opportunity presents itself.

  81. Hi vin im virgin im 31 years old i need advice how to talk to woman now if i want to talk to woman woman think that you are a man and try to aproch her you are desperate man. now woman aproch man and tell me how to aproch a woman you know how to talk to her. and kind technology to use tablet pc or something else and i dont have a credit card do you have bank transfer acount if so tell me to send your money ok? boiangiu

  82. Hi Vin,

    You ask how you can better serve me.

    It is by giving me one of those 15 slots in you-know-what. I already dropped your friend an email. Well, two.

    It could transform and save my life, and words cannot describe how happy I would be to have this area of my life fixed.
    I’m a guy who intellectually knows he has a lot to offer women, but who emotionally still feels much like the bullied, scared kid he once was. It is a tragedy. What you call ‘dominance’ seems so key in attracting women that I could jump off a cliff for having neglected it for most of my adult life. I thought like a man, and focused on getting muscles, being athletic, being a hard worker, being good at my academic field. I thought those things would make the women I desire attracted to me. Nope. Due to my past of being bullied and socially rejected, my social skills lagged badly behind, and until recently, I just didn’t care. Until a very attractive TJR with a lot of options used me for 2 years as a no-strings-attached fuckbuddy and hang-out friend, eventually rejecting me for my lack of dominance and social eye — the very things that you emphasize in the Woodhaven Letters and the Attraction Code.

    I just want to become dominant and stop feeling apologetic and needy for approval. I want to reach my full potential in attracting women, in order to have so many options that I will no longer put women on pedestals, so that my lack of dominance will never again cause me heartbreak, so that no woman can disqualify and hurt me like this one did anymore.

    So I plead you: give me one of the slots. I’ve ordered what was required.

  83. Michaelangelo /

    Hey Vin!
    Currently your new email format and info contained therein is, of course, good.
    But, in being honest, I liked your former, basic, good ole format better, as it contained more great, actual, interesting and useable content. And, in my book, there was absolutely no need to go fancy with the new format and change things.
    `A la (the old adage): “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
    Just my opinion. And, yes, according to another old adage: “An opinion is like an A$$#@!&. Everybody’s got one.”
    Later Man, and keep up the great work!!

  84. BigShaud /

    I think more culturally/ethnically relevant stuff might help. I’m aware that the basics is for a majority of women, it just might be good to get that perspective.

  85. Carmello /

    Bro”you have asked me how you can help me ! I have read most off the free tips that you sent me &there is nothing there that l have not herd before .give me a real secret on how to pick up these bitches & how to gaine my confidence “I am42years old & average in looks my name is Carmello l would like to be a don Carmello with the women if you know what l mean

  86. khuselo /

    My self ithink you just doing great with all the tips and tricks
    they so practical and easy to practice you just keep it up


  88. Vin DiCarlo /

    @ Denim

    I see what you’re saying. But the nature of me being one man, and this world being gigantic means I can’t do all of your dating for you. My aim is to give you the skills you need to have succedd, without me around.

    If you want me to hold your hand, that’s cool… but I’m not getting a girl naked in the next room, then tossing you the keys, so you can say you did it. You still gotta earn your stripes.

    – Vin

  89. Vin DiCarlo /

    @ Stanley

    Those are yours to keep for however long you want, and they’ll be there when you get back :-)

    – Vin

  90. Dominic /

    well, i think you could start by making it easier for people outside of the VS to purchase your work. I live in holland, 21 w/o creditcard (too young), and its quite dificault to actually get your hands on it in a way that suites me. Asking around if people you know can buy things is quite a drag. I would be realy greatful.
    There are so much things im missing out on – because of.. that!

    Secondly, i think your newer emails are very formal. The older ones contain the same amount of info, but are way more fun to read.

    For the rest, keep up the good work!

    thanks in advance.

  91. Vin, i think it will be interesting if you can teach guys how to date out of their league, like superhot women.

  92. I sincerely believe you have solid program but I feel you need to start being even more specific geographically speaking.Example I’m from Miami Fl the women here are a hell of a lot different than women in lets say Iowa.I’m saying this because I would like to have the program couture to me that much more, easier said than done I know but that’s life.

  93. Warhol87 /


    Always seems the name of the game is to just cut your losses when a breakup happens. I know you don’t dive into Ex Back Systems, but perhaps you would consider producing a book? I think your take would be very interesting, especially using Pandora’s Box methods.

    Also, how could you apply a lot of the psychology to long distance relationships? Any insight you could offer into that great. Also if your girl was raped, how can you change her view or perception of sex and men? I mean realistically she needs counseling but there are some things that you as a guy have to do as well. Just because she had a bad past doesn’t mean she’s damaged goods.

  94. Hey Vin, you programs are awesome but here’s a small problem I find that you and, to be fair, all other guy’s systems have. Your programs are focused on very large cities like LA, New York, Toronto… yeh they work great there. There’s tons of women everywhere and they are all different. Now you take a small towns in which majority of the people on this planet live and things change big time. Even with population of 300,000 people, hell the level of difficulty goes up. There are like 2.5 main streets where people hang out at night. 4 clubs and 20 pubs and bars – that’s it. By the time you make a second pass on the street talking to every third girl it begins to look weird…. by the end of the month people at night clubs know your game plan and why you are there… in short, yes it is possible to meet women in smaller communities but there is much less room for error. In LA you can just go to club after club trying anything and everything with zero concern for consequences. In a small town you cant do that, girls will know you and be turned off even before you come up to them – which I do not have any problems with. Girls in small towns have a different mentality as well, their level of defences are much higher towards people they do not know. They are not used to meeting unknown people on streets. Any suggestions ….

  95. Ron Massaro /

    I purchased your 3 opening statements and when I tried to download it, it took too much space on my computer and I was unable to download it after trying 3 times. I called your service department and truly got excellent service and still was unable to download. Any way you can make the process easier as I still don’t know the 3 approach statements? Thx Ron

  96. hey vin,

    i agree w #32. i think the original price should include 1 or 2 profiles so that it is complete for some people.

    i think you should definitely create a website for online dating/and “further testing”.

    i really enjoyed this info you provided. i am deciding if NDI is the correct choice, but im pretty sure. im gonna have to wait a long time for that one…
    btw dont laugh i am a girl and i wanted to learn about myself. sex isnt a prob i just seem to avoid relationships. i currently am casual with one person for 4 years. i cant believe its been that long. NDI hm…

  97. Isaiah Morales /

    How do I make a move on a women to show that I want to have sex with her without freaking her out ?

  98. What do you do about a girl who refuses to no longer maintain contact with her ex-boyfriend while she is with another man in a relationship and she says she only thinks of him (her ex-boyfriend) only as a friend?

  99. Hey Vin,

    First off, I just wanted to thank you for all the work you’ve put into this whole process. The newsletters, programs, the deals, etc. It’s much appreciated. As for any advice I good give that could improve the overall quality of what you’re doing, there’s very little. All I can do is reflect on what’s been most helpful (and life-changing).

    I found that the articles and programs that focus on not specifically success with women, but on success in life in general have truly had the most positive effect on my life. These not only teach us to alter our mindsets to ones that help us through our day-to-day lives, but the confidence and positive mental state instilled in us allows us to be or natural selves (the whole focus of what you do), filtering all we’ve learned over to success with not only with women, but our friends, family, careers and everyday social interactions.

    Articles that focus on more than just women, are the programs that allow us to get EVERYTHING we want out of life, not just women. My outlook on people, society and, worst of all, my part in all of that used to be very pessimistic. Thanks to the time and effort you and all those you’ve worked with have put in, my viewpoint on all that has been changed forever.

    Again, thanks a million and hopefully my opinion helps you out in return.

  100. hey Vin,

    what i used to enjoy the most is that you used to send emails that had facts and little tips in them just to keep our minds working, or something that we could use on the weekend. these days however, your emails are just promotional emails for your products. i have already bought a few of your products and love them, especially the attraction code. i’d like it if you stopped trying to promote your products and get more money out of us, and start sending us the help that we need again.


  101. Vin,
    I like your work it has helped me out a lot. When I got back from Iraq my life was all fucked up. Especially when the girl I was going to marry ran off with another dude. I wasn’t thrilled.
    One thing that would help me out a lot is if you had a way to contact you or a trainer to answer any questions I would have about your matrial.

  102. Jonathan /

    What would really help me would be:

    1. If you offered a la carte pricing for your products without recurring fees. For example, I’d like to buy your suite of products and your PhD program and I can’t afford to pay the recurring fees. So, why not offer each of your meritorious products for one clear, one-time fee? Even though I haven’t yet been able to buy your products, I know they work, because I’ve used some of the tips in your e-mails while talking with real women and they’ve shown interest in me. I guarantee you that your profits will increase, because people will know that you care more about helping them than making money off of them and people like me who can’t afford to pay recurring fees and who may be able to afford your products for one-time fees will start buying them. This would enhance your revenues as well as your reputation and benefit other as well as yourself.

    2. Offer people a clear way to get in touch with you via e-mail and/or phone as well as a clear method of responding to them in a timely manner so that they can know that you care about them and will take the time to answer their questions. I know you’re busy and I don’t expect you to drop everything and respond to me as soon as I contact you. I do expect you to respond to me as soon as possible either directly or through one of your employees. When I wrote a heartfelt and highly personal e-mail that took a lot of courage for me to write to you to explain my current situation to you and asking you a specific set of questions to find out if your products would work for me, all I received was an automated response saying, “Please note that the current waiting time for me to respond to your question is about 3 weeks.” That e-mail was sent to me on March 22, 2011. It has been seven months, one week and one day and I still haven’t heard from you or anyone you employ regarding answers to my questions.

    3. It would be a great service to me and other potential customers if you would contact the Better Business Bureau and increase your rating (when I last looked you were rated “F”). Fixing that rating would inspire more confidence and increase revenues for you because people would know that they could trust you with their hard-earned money.

    Those are all of my suggestions! I look forward to hearing from you and I thank you for your hard work!


  103. kyenne /

    i agree with maggie.i dont have a credit card either.i wish i could avail of ur products without having to use credit cards.i live in asia.

  104. Jason /

    Hey vin. I agree with #98.

    Otherwise doin great so far man. It would actually be really cool to hangout with you, haha. I’m in the military though, and sometimes I don’t have the time to meet women, so when I don’t I’m usually studying your methods.

  105. Kazuki /

    Hi Vin,
    Do you have any tips about texting women by mobile phone that we can use? Or the techniques using to texting are the same as real talking?

  106. isaac marble /

    personally i would like to meet you and work with u for my problems.

  107. mike chemerka /

    hay vin all this stuff is great, need time to process it all

  108. Benmaster /

    Very Good advice, Vin. I used to play music for modern dance classes…and got paid! Can you imagine the ratio?! More than 90% women, and maybe a few gay guys, if any.
    Also, I recommend Yoga classes, although they can be pricey.


  109. A subject that I would like to see an article dedicated to would be on pursuing women 10 or so years younger; 40’s desiring 28-33+.
    Not all of us found high gear in high school or college… ;-)

  110. Vinny /

    I wanted to know about the dynamic between men more. You explain the dynamic between men and women very well but not the dynamic between guys. I feel like if their was a Pandora’s Box about guys we could handle all the psychopaths better without getting angry or bringing us down. And that would make us more attractive to women if we can handle ourselves around all types of men. and another thing is that i feel like there are other things women do that you didn’t talk about in pandora’s box. it’s one thing to be incompatible with a girl, but what about the crazy bitches. when guys start getting really attractive girls it will break their heart when the hot girls is a crazy bitch and i’m not sure if that’s because they’re simply incompatible. i just feel like it would be useful to guys if you could run through psychological tendencies that girls have that will make a guy miserable because some guys might ignore that just because the girl is beautiful.

  111. What you can do better? Actually I think you are doing one of the best jobs, I wish I would have found you earlier.
    With your pandora’s box, I can’t figure out the best questions, how to find out a girls type. You always talk about 3 easy innocent questions, but I didn’t find them. Maybe it’s my fault, because I’m not American and I didn’t realize it right?


  113. Lucas /

    Alright, I can think of a few things Vin. First I would like to know how I can get my PHD program up and running after I finish with my dominant sexual power program. Second I would like to know what kind of verbal techniques you use, and what things in general do you do when dating two women at once to make them perceive you as an jerk without going to far. Is there a program for this yet? Then the third thing is I want to know more about the verbal techniques for passing “tests” women give you. In fact more techniques in general would be good as well. I have only heard a couple so far and I would like a program for that if there is one out there. I have also had an issue with the how to have great game automatically package. A few of them won’t play on anything on my computer, and I wanted to be able to go over some of the boot camp drills without having $3,000.00 to spend. So I guess that covers everything I would like for right now.

  114. lawrence /

    i purchased one of ur programs a while back.i didnt get to download all six.only got can i get the rest?

  115. Russell Booth /

    I have seemed to learn the secrets at a young age (like between 7 – 10 year old , 1985 – 1987) but there seems to be a huge gap between then and now and I am not sure what the hell is or has been going on , I’ve only been with one girl since 1994 (when I was 16 , I’m 33 now).

    I’ve figured out a lot of the men who are married do the OPPOSITE to what a lot of the dating gurus do,you know , don’t control and manipulate women, it seems that it was very prevalent in the 1950 – 1960’s here in Australia at least.

    You know, how to HUMILIATE a woman in front of everybody in order to make the “MAN LOOK LIKE MORE OF A MAN”,that he has some sort of power and control of the situation, and the woman when in fact he’s really just an insecure wuss.

    I worked for a company (last employer) where they were like that (the boss and supervisor)

    My grandmother was in the same position in her marriage, my grandfather traded HER car in for a newer one, the point is it was a car SHE liked and SHE paid for it with her own money ,she wasn’t very happy with that.


  116. Hey Vin, First off, I think what you guys have going on is great, the advice, tips, and strategies you guys share really do work. I am soldier over seas so best thing that would serve me better is if you guys could come up with stuff that deal with long distance relationships with women. Specifically things like how to keep and maintain women’s interest over the phone for longer periods of time or generally just keeping the attraction and magnetic balance with them. Also simply put just to keep them in our lives when we are gone for longer periods of time, what kind of things we can do that will make them remember you! Not to mention they’re a lot of other men out there that have trouble with long distance relationships and maintaining “Intrigue” in womens lives when they can not physically be there, coming out with products specifically designed for this could only expand your potential customers especially those in the military. Once again you guys are excellent at what you do and the knowledge you share has helped me out too, I used to “Okay” with women but I have long since done far more better in my life and has been more fulfilling now that I have put your practices to the tests, and I even learn more from my own personal and gratifying experience with every women that I have gained in my life. Hope this advice helps and thanks again.

  117. thomas pratt /

    vin, have aquired moving from friends, but what if it was the other way,
    from a relationship to just being friends how to turn that back around. it is also hard to fine a real relationship, i am 62 but look more like 50 with athletic and toned body. looking to attract some one who does not look or act 60 you know what those women look like,older is just fine but a good looking one is far between, and i am not that pickey, so much fat out there

  118. Jimmy /

    It would be better if you allow people to mail you cash

  119. shana /

    thats just mean. blacklisted? and u never emailed me or anything? so do i get my $ back or what? i dont get it.

  120. Michael /

    I’m very busy in a PhD program that’s overwhelmingly male. I’m not crazy about the bar scene or the internet. Is there a time efficient way to meet women? Is now a bad time?

  121. august synuria /

    again i would buy your product IF i could just point and click to the items . not have to load them to a zip folder . what ever the heck that is.then go try and find it .then down load it . august

  122. My biggest problem with all the dating and girl advice is all the useless fluff at the beginning saying you use to suck with women. I am a smart guy and I am attractive, I use to suck with women too, because of confidence, a lot of young men struggle with this. I hate having to sift threw all the BS to get to the straight forward advice. I shoot from the hip, I hate fluff about you or others being bad at some point. Stop selling after I’ve bought into the concept. I’m hear to learn about what works not your failed pasts!

  123. Lucas /

    Hey Vin, I just had a great idea today. I think a lot of the reason why some of this stuff doesn’t resonate with us right away is the fact that we don’t see it. I think it would be a great idea to show as much of these programs visually as you can. Even if it was just simulated, I think it would be great for some of us to see what a pick-up looks like from start to finish. What would be even better though is if you could video tape some pick-ups from start to finish (excluding the xxx parts of course), and show us what kinds of things we should be doing. I think a lot more information is processed with a visual aide, than without one. I think you may even be able to reveal some non-verbal techniques that you aren’t even aware that you are using on your dates to us. So I really hope you use my suggestion and that it helps everyone if you do. Feel free to comment if you think this is a good idea.

  124. joe dirt /

    Vin, I been with this girl who has a 3 year old, now I’ve tried a lot of things in bed with her but I can’t seem to get her to cum. Help?

  125. David /

    I went through the whole PB course a while back and I have to say I was shocked at the results. Hats off! I’ll spare you the spicy stories – but I finished the course and while nowhere near ‘mastery’ (I’ve no desire to be a ‘player’) I’m ecstatic with the results.

    What else? I had an idea for a mobile phone app for storing women’s numbers, pictures, and details. I made a proto-type database that I stored my first dozen or so hits in but it would be great for the app to have the ‘8-Types Analyzer’ in it – with tips! Mine just has name, number, pictures, address, notes, voice notes and arbitrary rating… I thought about adding a contact history (like a CRM – call it PBRM!).
    Anyway – just an idea. Keep up the great work… you helped me and I’m sure many others. And you weren’t a sexist manipulative jerk about it like so many competitive products.

  126. chris /

    I would just like to know some better first steps to talking to these girls and how to approach them better.

  127. I am inclined to agree with (ThatNateGu). I also want more in depth information , (from the offset) that I can use on woman straight away, and then monitor my own progress with women based on what I’ve been given. The interviews I find are boring (to be honest)and I want to know what the secret messages are that trigger thoughts of sex inside a womans mind. I will see if woman relate more to those comments / lines better in a real live situation. It also seems that you get bombarded with “adverts” to spend more money before seeing if the core product actually works.

  128. Frankie Five Angels /

    You’re providing a very good service. However, I have redirected my attention given my OCD, “D” for “Drive,” is now focused on Writing and associated Cultural activities. Sex to follow again later as a derivative.
    – – And thanks for the info you’ve made available.

  129. Andres /

    Hey Vin,

    I just want to thank you for all you have done. I was 16 when I started reading the attraction code (had to swipe my moms card, I paid it back though ;)) It really turned high school around for me. I was the kid who spent all his weekend with his only 2 friends playing halo, (although I was amazing at it hahahah) now I am finally able to help my community by being the real self. There were some tough times as is expected on the journey, but you helped me get there.


  130. Hi Vin. Info on eye contact and body language would be good. Also info on she’s interesred and now you have to use sexual escalation.

  131. Hasani /

    I’d like some tips on how to recover after failing miserable with an attractive woman/ex girlfriend…Should I move on or try to fix the situation?

  132. Michel /

    Hey Vin I’m wondering if the pandora’s box system works with girls you failed with, it’s damn hard to get one to approach you if she knows what you’re like, and when I read some out of the pandora’s box system I realized which big mistakes I did and I really want her to be mine

  133. Black /

    Your women is a TDR. There are many clues to know if shes a T or N. She my friend from what you told us is a T. Good luck

  134. Mark Ayala /

    Hi Vin I’ve gained alot from your programs but I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong I get gorgeous women have great sex but for some reason I notice there interest fade away and we end up not talking anymore. Any advice will be appreciated thx

  135. Ruki /

    Hy how can i make girl love only me,think of me all the time????

  136. Paul P /

    Hey vin I am a busy guy that has very little time for a social life. I have been setting aside a nigh each week to go out and talk to women and push each interaction, but sometimes I lack motivation and would like some help in this area. I know what my passion is and want to live it, but with so much going on in my life I find it sitting on the back burner sometimes. I know Matt is one of your best trainers when it comes to vision and motivation. Could you work on a product to help men get motivated and stay motivated? I think this would make a huge impact on many peoples lives.

  137. Jay Marqz /

    i’m a good flirt with confidence, i know how to talk to women and get them to like me and date, but somethimes i seem to be too nice or too sweet and it gets me put in the friendzone. Sometimes, i can’t get out. how do i improve?. How can i stay out of the friendzone and be much more than a friend?.

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