How can I do better?

Are you always wondering if you can do better?

I know… I’m not perfect either. So tell me how I can better help you live the amazing lifestyle you want to live, with women.

Let me know how I can write better email newsletters, for you.

Let me know what topics you want to read about.

Let me know how I can do better at helping you attract women.

How can I do better?

This can be you... what are you struggling with?

Do you want me to write blog posts about the techniques you’ll use to meet women? The ways you can improve your mindset, so you’re more confident?

Do you want me to keep you updated on how current events change the dating scene? New tools and technology you can use to meet women?

Do you want to make your relationship better? Do you want to learn to be a better person?

Or do you just want to score with hot chicks?

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What interests you?

How can I better help you in your life goals?

Do you feel for the Occupy Wall Street and We Are The 99% movements… or… do you think they’re just acting out?

What can I teach you… show you… share with you, in order to improve your life?

Hell, tell me what I’m doing WRONG, so I can fix it.

If you’re willing to share your thoughts with me, I’m willing to make a daily effort to be better. And to offer you better service, information and advice.

Let me know how I can better serve you: Leave a comment on this blog post.

My goal is to be a positive guest in your life. To be someone who makes a lasting, positive impact.

Please help me achieve this. Leave a comment, here.

– Vin

UPDATE: I’ve read every single one of your comments. And I’ve approved them all, unless they contained personal info – like your cell phone number, etc.

With your input, I’m launching a new style of email newsletter, tomorrow. And I’ve added new topics to cover in my newsletters and blog posts, too.

Please, let me know how I can help you. Even if there’s not a blog to post on.

Because I’m here, writing these newsletters and blog posts, for one reason: To help you achieve your goals.

But if I don’t know what you want, I can’t help you.

So don’t suffer in silence, let me know how I can best help you: Feel free to post on this blog, whenever you want. I’ll listen to whatever you want to say.

You simply need to say it :-)


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