How Can I Get A Girlfriend (GF)?

How Can I Get A Girlfriend (GF)?

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With my dating advice, you won’t need to ask this question about how to find a woman anymore!

Imagine walking to a club and having girls give you the flirty eyes, making themselves available for you? Or get a girl attracted to you by giving the right vibe or being able to get a girl attracted to you by just giving her the right signals.

Guys can easily ramp up their attraction levels by implementing a few key practices into their game to really spike up her interest and get her addicted to you.

The signals when attracting women…

So, what are some of the signals you can give girls to display your attraction and get their attraction reciprocated? Well, one thing I like to do is the flirty smile. The flirty smile conveys my attraction to a girl. But, if you’ve put the flirty smile on or do it in a fake way, it can really repulse girls, as well. So, it has to be done in a way that is genuine and natural. It also shows that you’re friendly and have a lot of interest in her.

One thing I like to do is, when I’m talking to a girl I’m really attracted to, is just imagine her naked and imagine what I’d do to her in a bedroom and I just do that and I smile at myself as I’m doing it and she can almost pick up on what I’m thinking.

A really good example of the flirty smile is someone like George Clooney or Brad Pitt. I like to watch movies like Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen where there are a lot of those guys who play the flirty smile when they’re interacting with girls. You can emulate this behavior when you’re interacting with girls, whether that be on a date or during the day or at a nightclub or wherever. It’s very attractive.

The seductive gaze…

I recommend watching George Clooney to learn how to be attractive, he does this perfectly. When you gaze at a girl in a seductive manner and your eyes really build up sexual tension within her, again, with the flirty eyes I also imagine her naked and what I’d physically do with her in a bedroom. So, she can feel my level of attraction towards her through my eyes.

When you look at a girl, try not to avert your glance immediately when she looks at you. It might take a little bit of practice, but learn to look at her. Lock eyes with her and smile.

Don’t hold the eye contact too long and come off as a weirdo or a stalker, but just enough so she can really feel your level of attraction. Once again, watch some Clooney or Brad Pitt movies or even Russell Brand. They do it perfectly. You know, anything like what they do and even do some practice in the mirror to really get it right.

Flirt with her by using touch…

Look for any opportunities when you interact with a girl to touch her – whether it be directly or indirectly. A few great ways that I find an excuse to touch girls is by, when I’m emphasizing a point, I might grab their arm very lightly. Grabbing their hand to take them somewhere or noticing some jewelry and touching the jewelry whilst I lightly caress their skin is also a natural way to touch.

This is not only a great flirt tactic, but it really starts to get them more comfortable with you and also really goes a long way in amping up her levels of attraction for you.

Move slowly and sensually…

To girls, there’s something extremely attractive about a guy that moves slowly and is calm and relaxed. He’ll make them feel relaxed. He moves through the environment with a certain confidence and sexuality. There are no quick, jerky movements.

He’s relaxed and he’s calm and he’s just really present and in the moment. If you can do this, it says all the right things about you and makes you appear as a very attractive and intriguing person for her. She’s going to want to engage you in conversation or get to know you more.

I like to watch movies like James Bond or even watch the Mad Men character Donald Draper. These are two people that really move slowly and hold a very confident and sensual frame.