How Can I Improve My Social Skills? Four Steps to Results

How Can I Improve My Social Skills? Four Steps to Results

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If you’re lucky, social skills will come naturally to you. If not, they need to be learned. Either way, it can make a big difference to your life.

Being a sociable guy is a very important way to network, build social groups, chat with women, and make new friends – which is why social skills and the skills necessary to make friends need to be taken seriously.

In my research and through my experience, I’ve developed four key steps to making yourself more confident socially.

Step one: Show interest in people…

Become legitimately interested in others. Be someone that observes people and takes an interest in finding out a lot about their lives. I know when I was going through a self-improvement phase in my life and wanted to be a better person, I started to take a keen interest in other people.

I really wanted to know what made them tick, what influenced them, what made them get up in the morning and what gave them motivation to strive for better things in life. This inquisitiveness helped to fuel my interest levels in people.

Step two: Be a more positive person…

People want to hang around those that make them feel good. If you have more of an optimistic outlook on life, if you always look at the positive side of things, then that is going to be infectious and people are going to want to be around you. You will make them feel good as opposed to someone that brings them down a notch or two.

Step three: Expose yourself to more social situations…

Like anything, the more you are exposed to a situation, the more comfortable you are going to become. If you surround yourself in more social situations, you are going to start to feel more comfortable in your environment.

The more comfortable you are, the more relaxed you will be, and the more you are going to be able to show people your true self.

Step four: Become a good listener…

One thing you learn in life is that everyone’s favorite topic is themselves. If you allow people the space and time to really talk about themselves and express themselves to you, they are going to find you a great person to be around because they can talk openly, comfortably, and express themselves easily to you.

A good listener is someone that maintains good, strong, solid eye contact with that person. If you are not confident, this can be a bit of a challenge. Practice on some close friends or practice in the mirror maintaining good eye contact.

The other thing is to nod your head and to be present in the moment. When that person is talking to you eliminate the outside distractions, eliminate the dialogue in your head, become present and focused on what the person is trying to say.

If you listen to these social skills ideas, you’ll soon feel more comfortable in social scenarios. Comment below with your questions, and I’ll be sure to personally reply to help you turn your life around.