How Do Boobs Feel?

How Do Boobs Feel?

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When Steve Carrell’s character in The 40 Year Old Virgin was asked this question, he replied that they feel like “bags of sand.” Discounting the fact that most of us have never actually felt bags of sand, this is most certainly not what they feel like. If you’re asking yourself, “How do boobs feel?” chances are you’ve never felt one. This, however, does not mean you haven’t seen any – whether on television, on the internet, or even in person – and if you have you should know that breasts come in all different shapes and sizes.

The first thing to keep in mind if you’re asking yourself this question is that it depends on the girl, and by extension, depends on the boobs. Some boobs are much larger than others in area (the way bra sizes work is that they measure the size of the chest itself first – this would represent a number, almost always in the 30’s – and then the cup size second – this is represented by a letter, starting from “a”.) Furthermore, some boobs are bigger going outwards (rather than simply bigger in diameter) than other boobs.

Apart from their actual size, breasts differ from each other in their shape (some are perky, some sag down a bit, some push out to the side, some are point straight forward, some are spaced farther apart and some are closer together, etc), as well as their firmness; some are simply firmer than others. All of these factors, of course, correlate with each other – the bigger the breast, the more likely it is to sag and be less firm, and vice versa.

If you are wondering, “How do boobs feel?” the answer is partly that different types of breasts feel different from one another. The other part is more difficult to describe without self-definition (i.e. “boobs feel like boobs.”) Their skin tends to be softer, and overall they might feel as an arm might, but much softer. They are also almost inherently easy to grab (they fit naturally into your hand), more so than any other part of one’s body. The “nicest” breasts, by general consensus, are those that are the largest they can be while still remaining perky and firm (and generally smaller ones that are firm are much nicer than larger ones that are not.)

Finally, when answering the question, you have to remember the nipple. The nipple is, of course, the most biologically important part of the breast, and they also come in many different sizes. Some are small with only a tiny “dot” in the center, while others are larger with a larger center, and perhaps are even a bit lumpy. Generally, the smallest nipples are considered the nicest looking (especially when they are found on larger breasts), and when they are hard (generally if the woman is cold or turned on), they can be incredibly attractive and play a large role in the sexual experience.