How Do I Find True Love? A Six-Step Plan

How Do I Find True Love? A Six-Step Plan

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Before you find true love, you first must learn how to love yourself. There are a few ways that you can learn to love yourself, allowing you the chance to start finding real love and fall in love.

Step one: Eliminate self-criticism

Whenever you hear that little voice that is bringing you down or stating one of your flaws, learn to control and ignore it. One thing I did was use positive affirmations. The more positive affirmations I used, the more I was able to drown out that negative self-criticism that would fill my mind.

Step two: Be positive

I found this to be very difficult at first, being positive, because I used to hang around a lot of friends that were quite negative and pessimistic. What I did was I started to associate with more positive people and found that by associating with more positive people, their view of life really starts to rub off on me. I started to have a more optimistic outlook rather than the pessimistic outlook.

Step three: Acknowledge your efforts

It is easy to just see the stuff that you’re not doing right. Maybe you went out one night and you didn’t get a kiss, or you didn’t bring a girl home, but maybe there’s another way to start looking at things. Learn to acknowledge the positive things that you do rather than just focusing on the negatives all the time.

Step four: Forgive yourself

You’re a human being. You make mistakes. You’re not perfect. You were never designed to be perfect. You’re going to make mistakes until the day you die, so learn to forgive yourself and be compassionate with yourself. Only this way will you be able to find someone you love.

Step five: Express gratitude

Be thankful for the gifts that you have in life. There are good things that happen every day. I like to get up and think of all the good stuff that is happening and be thankful for it. This will allow you to really dwell on the positives that you have going in your life as opposed to always focusing on your negatives.

Step six: Be good to your body

Your body is your temple and you need to look after it as best as possible, so you might want to really research the best diet for you. Understand how to be healthy. Get active. Go out and get into fitness-related activities or join a gym, but ensure that you are maintaining your body and you’re looking after your health as much as possible.