How Do I Get A Girl To Kiss Me Without Any Effort?

Why thank you! Now how about second base?

ZERO EFFORT–Do you really think it’s possible? Yeah–maybe… IF you follow the tips below to get her to take action (before another guy steals your kiss or your…)

If you want to know how to get a girl to kiss you, then here is some information that will be very helpful. First, you must realize that sometimes there is a difference between what you want and what you need. Right now, you probably want to know all the steps for getting a girl to kiss you — you may actually need something else.

Without fail, most guys that ask me this question are trying to find external answers. However, the true answer is already there — and it is within you. What am I talking about? Say you want to learn to play a guitar. You get a teacher, you hold the guitar, and you start to use your fingers on the strings. This is how most guys approach learning to be good with girls. They think they just need to go out and get a girl and then it will all come to them with practice. Unfortunately, this approach is not going to help you advance with women.

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Being good with women comes from within you — how you feel about yourself, inside. The key ingredient (and the most important thing about kissing girls in the first place) is a feeling of overwhelming sexual desire. This happens when you feel a total and complete urge to rip a girl’s clothes off. This is a very different way to think about how to get good with girls, and you may need to read this article a few times to appreciate it fully.

The reason guys have so much trouble in getting a girl to kiss them is that they are trying to learn how to do it strictly externally, while paying very little attention to their feelings or mental state. If you are truly one with your sexuality, you can allow your sexuality to come out. If you can visualize yourself kissing, not only as it appears outside your body but how it makes you feel inside — making that kiss happen in reality is going to be much easier.

Pay more attention to how you feel when aroused or turned on by a girl. Magnify the feeling like you would with the most powerful microscope in the world. Let your body be overcome with desire and radiate that desire. Pay attention to how you feel inside and magnify it. Girls pick up on such powerful sexual desires. You must also be confident, honest, and friendly. Follow this advice and you will never need to think about how to get a girl to kiss you again — it will simply happen.

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