How Do You Know If She Is Interested?

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Guys ask themselves a lot of questions. How can you tell if your girl is truly aroused? What are the signs? What can you look for to guarantee that you know if she is or isn’t aroused? There are a number of reasons why it is almost impossible to be sure if a girl is truly aroused. For one, if she is fully clothed in public, you cannot check her vagina to see if she is wet. You can try to guess or even ask her, but this is also unreliable, and embarrassing in my opinion. Girls can fake being aroused, and they can also fake not being aroused. Unfortunately, you may never really know for certain. However, the good news is that knowing if she is aroused is not that important in the first place. You will find that accepting this unknown is quite liberating.

Don’t worry whether she is aroused or not?

If you stress too much about knowing whether or not a girl is aroused, then you will miss the most important things when meeting women. Knowing if a girl is willing to move with you is a much more important thing to grasp. This is more important than knowing if she is aroused. Moving means that you are able to get a girl to move to different locations with you. The moves start out small, such as from one part of a bar or club to another. Eventually, the goal is to get the girl to move to a quiet place such as your apartment, so that you have the greatest chance of being intimate and having sex. If a girl is aroused, turned on, and attracted to you, but she is unwilling to move with you, then knowing if she is aroused is useless.

Is she with you?

A girl walking with you someplace else is much more important than knowing if she is aroused. At the same time, if a girl is not crazy about you, but she is willing to move with you, then you have a very good chance for getting her back to your place.

Shift your focus. Forget about arousal, and pay attention to how she moves with you. For example, you meet a girl in the bar and you suggest that you both move so that you have a more comfortable seat on a couch or at another table in a better location. If she moves with you, then this is a very good indication that you have a shot with her. However, if she is unwilling to sit down with you, move, or leave the club with you, then it is unlikely you will ever have a shot at taking her home or having sex with her.

When you meet a girl you like, test the waters. If she is willing to spend time with you, to be alone with you, go to the bar to get a drink with you, to move to another table or couch, then you have a very positive indicator that you have a shot with her. Knowing this is better than knowing if she is aroused or not. If she is not willing to be with you in a public place, then you will have no chance of getting her to a private place. In this case, it does not matter whether she is aroused or not. You have lost the game before it even began. Simply move on and find a girl who shows interest. You have a better chance of winning her, arousing her, and gaining intimacy with her.

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