How NOT To Be Shy Around Hot Girls

How NOT To Be Shy Around Hot Girls

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It’s rare that I would recommend any book or product just for the sake of it, but in this case, there’s a book I want you to read that works wonders. Here’s why. The Mindful Path through Shyness is one of the most powerful reads to improve your ways with women.  I’ll give you three reasons why this is usually the first book that I give my students to read.

1. Shy men need to accept they have a problem

A lot of guys don’t realize they are shy. When they do not get results with women, they think of all the other reasons this could be and do not realize it is shyness that stands in their way.

Shy guys do not understand how much their timidity is holding them back. By eliminating shyness, for most guys, you are hitting the bull’s eye and getting to the source of the problem. The symptoms that seem to hold guys back with women seem to magically disappear.

2. Get in the right state of mind

Mindfulness is a discipline that I wish I could get all my students to study. When you combine mindfulness with shyness, it usually leads to an instant result. Mindfulness presents some healthier ways of looking at things and thinking in a way that empowers you.

It is good to think about mindfulness as a practice such as learning to play the guitar, or mastering the sport of soccer. It is something that as you practice, you get better at. Mindfulness is something I wish all my students could learn, because it is really a powerful concept. It will make you feel better, be more relaxed, and stop attaching too much of how you feel to some certain end result.

3. A focused mind is popular with the ladies

I find that 99% of cases benefit from reading this book. Mindfulness is really a powerful way to become attractive to women, get more girlfriends, and have more sex. I am not sure what exactly it is in mindfulness that works. It’s just that most guys who seem to suffer from difficulties with women are making a lot of common mistakes that mindfulness can fix.

As a shy person, most of what makes you unattractive to women is purely what is going on inside your mind rather than anything externally. Usually it is your attitude, personality, and how you think and feel that influences attraction the most.

It is important to take control of the inner side of things when trying not to be shy round girls; mindfulness is really a powerful tool to start this process. It gives a structure for how you can start to feel better about meeting women and pursuing them romantically. With a strong and confident mindset, you will never feel too shy around girls to go in for the pull again.