How NOT To Impress A Girl

How NOT To Impress A Girl

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Do you want to avoid being the biggest pussy repellent you can think of? Do you want to turn your fortunes around with ladies by simply avoiding these constant traits that send most girls running for the hills?

If you want to go about finding a date, it’s important to know how NOT to impress a girl. In fact, most of my ability with women came from learning from guys who were just terrible with ladies, and I basically did the opposite to what they did. So, listen up guys, and I’ll show you how to get a date and how to impress a woman!

Don’t have too many feminine traits – be a man!

The first trait that really repels girls is having a lot of feminine traits about you – almost coming across as a bit of a homosexual. Guys that have been either protected heavily by their mom, didn’t have a father figure in their life, or grew up not participating in any kind of sports tend to have more of a feminine side to them. It is important to remember girls really look at guys who are providers.

Are you being dominant enough?

Women like a guy that can stand up for himself, who is decisive, and who is manly. You know they are the traits that, for most girls, are really attractive about men. If you possess more feminine traits and come off as a bit of a closet homosexual, then you’re really going to limit the number of girls that are going to be into you.

So, it is important that you start to take on some more manly traits, and some great ways to do that could include joining a sports team, taking on some hobbies like boxing or martial arts, or going out and doing some really adventurous things. Going out more with the boys or doing some boy’s weekends are also good ideas. Really start to build up and get in touch with your masculine side.

Don’t be suffocating…

Generally, this comes from a guy that is needy, desperate, and is low on self-confidence. He suffocates the girl, meaning he asks and begs for her affection. Neediness in anything in life, whether it be going for a job interview, meeting friends, or attracting girls, is a very off-putting trait.

Rather than someone that gives value, you turn it to someone that is taking value from everyone, and that will instantly repel anyone away. If you’re showing signs of neediness with women or have any sign of desperation, then you need to first have some awareness and, second, address the deeper issue. I know when I was really needy in my life, it was due to being a little smothered by my mother while growing up and never really being able to stand on my own two feet.

In order to overcome my neediness, I had to go out and really challenge myself in life and cut the ties between my parents – sort of go out a little on my own to learn life the hard way. That said, this is the best thing I ever did, because it made me a more confident individual, and confidence is a very attractive trait. The more I grew and became more independent, the easier it was for me to start attracting women into my life.

Don’t be afraid to pull the trigger…

Make sure you pull the trigger in time and don’t miss your chance. Recently, I went through this situation myself. I got into a great interaction with a girl and she gave me the number, then nothing happened. I realized after this happened that the thing I did wrong was not showing her any intent, not making a move on her, not even displaying an interest in her!

I instantly fell into her friend zone. If you want to avoid this happening to you, you need to be more of a guy that take some risks and really has the balls to show girls how he feels towards them.

If everything looks good, don’t chicken out of a kiss! 

Get sexual on her and don’t leave her wondering. When you start to display your intent for a girl, she will see you as confident, and as someone that goes for what he wants in life.