How To Act On A First Date

How To Act On A First Date

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Knowing how to act on a first date is really important when it comes to dating. Your first date will define you for the rest of the dating process and hence, you need to listen to my first date tips.

You’ve likely heard that body language accounts for nearly 95% of our communication. Being able to read her body language is imperative to having a successful first date. Her body language will indicate a lot about her and just by being able to read that, you can certainly adjust things to make your first date more successful.

So, when she is not really into the conversation – or not very comfortable – she will have the following type of body language. She’ll move or lean away from you. Her arms will be crossed and her legs will be crossed. She will look off to the side. Her feet will be pointed away from you or towards the exit and she’ll be rubbing and scratching her nose, eyes, or the back of her neck a lot.

In this particular situation, it means she is very closed off to you. She is not really feeling the love you are giving her at the moment. She is not really attracted to you, and there are a number of things you can do in this particular situation. You could work a little harder to win her over, and that might involve increasing your flirtation with her.

Find new ways to connect…

My next piece of first date advice is trying other ways to connect with her. Find a commonality that you guys have or something that really gets her passionate as she talks and that she’ll open up to. But, really, it’s hard work and you’ve got to really fish for something that’s going to click and win her over.


You can try for a little while, but if nothing is changing, then maybe it’s just not working out. If you are a guy that has an abundance of women, then that shouldn’t be an issue, because if this date doesn’t work, you know very well that you’ll be able to score another date that will work.

You don’t need creative first ideas or expensive gifts to make it work. You just need to be yourself and stick to my first date tips!