How To Approach A Flock Of Women

How To Approach A Flock Of Women

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Want to know how to approach a flock of women, and how to speak to one specific girl? Then read on my friend, because this is important information on how to find a date and be comfortable around women!

First up, though – full disclosure. I’m not saying knowing approaching a group of girls is the key to acquiring great success with women. In my experience, by not approaching women, I couldn’t get into an interaction with them, and nothing ever flowed. I couldn’t keep conversation going after I opened my mouth. The secret to being able to instantly get a specific girl’s attention is to have a physical touch – even just a touch of the arm will do.

Touch is imperative to attraction…

As soon as I approach a woman, I would bring touch into the interaction as soon as possible. By bringing touch into the interaction, it sets you apart from someone that is there just to make a friendly conversation and someone that is actually interested in the girl sexually. Basically, when you touch her, you feel excited. She’ll know that you are confident in your intentions and in your flirtation game. The real game happens not with your words but with your body language.

Touch also creates a stronger emotional connection. The impact of a touch is a lot stronger than sense of sight, smell, or sound. So, when I’m interacting with a girl, I like to mix my touch up. Initially, I would like to use a little bit of incidental touching, so accidentally brushing my hand against her arm, leaning up standing beside her where my arm is touching her arm, or perhaps using my head to emphasize a point.

Then, I like to do more avert touching, which includes grabbing her hand to lead her somewhere or finding a piece of jewelry and touching it or finding any excuse to touch her shoulder. Try getting on the dance floor with her and putting your arms around her waist. Hugging helps, too!

Make sure you acknowledge the other friends who might be around, too. Try and spark some conversation with all of them before honing in on the girl that you really like.

Keep yourself active…

Make sure you’re still going out and setting goals, even when you’re in a relationship. Keep busy. Do things. Keep working on yourself in becoming a better person and this will help you enjoy longer lasting relationships.

Use these few tips and you’ll be able to approach a woman with ease! Good luck!