How To Approach A Girl: No More Excuses

How To Approach A Girl: No More Excuses

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I’ve heard some amazing excuses over the several years I’ve been through teaching guys how to approach and interact with girls. Now, listen up: NOTHING should stop you striking up some conversation with pretty girls.

Going up and approaching a girl, even in the most random of places, can change your life forever! Read on, and I’ll share with you some common excuses that a lot of guys make for not approaching girls. I’ll also show you how to overcome these excuses and how it’s easy for you to get a date.

Why is approaching women so important?

If you don’t approach a girl, then you’re not going to get to interact with her, it’s simple as that! You’re never going to know whether you guys click, whether you guys are the perfect match, or whether she really wants to have sex with you or not.

You’re never going to know what could have been unless you actually approach girls. This is important to your development with women. Unfortunately for a lot of the guys that I coach, they have this weird mentality that fate will one day happen and the girl of their dreams will one day walk up to them and sweep them away and they’ll live happily ever after again.

Unfortunately, that is all bullshit. The more that you allow yourself to be fooled by some delusional story, the less time you’re going to have to really attract a beautiful girl in your life.

For every day, every month, and every year that you neglect approaching girls, you’re cheating yourself out of beautiful experiences with women and really not living up to your full potential as a man. So, it’s essentially important that you get this sorted out as soon as possible.

I don’t know what to say…

One excuse that guys use to not approach a girl is that they don’t know what to say. You need to know that it doesn’t matter what you say – you can go up to a girl and say nothing. You can just hold a strong frame and say hi, at least. This is better than going up and using some kind of outdated pick up line that doesn’t work.

I’m scared of getting rejected…

When you start to see rejection as a bad thing, you’re never going to have success with women. I like to see rejection as feedback. I like to see it as another step in my growth as a guy that’s getting better with women.

When I start to shift my perspective of rejection, it’s not something I fear anymore, it’s actually something that I relish. Going up to a girl and getting rejected is really good education. Now, I don’t hope for it, but if it happens, it doesn’t worry me. I know that I am going to learn and grow from it.

I’m worried that people are watching…

Does it really matter what people think of you? To be honest with you, have you ever noticed a guy getting rejected by a girl? It’s happening all the time, and generally people are so immersed in their own thoughts that they forget about what other people are doing and really just care about themselves.

So, most of the time, it’s all in your imagination and it’s not really happening – and really, who cares if someone sees you? At least you had the balls to go up and take action, which is more than what they are doing.

I’m not good enough for her…

I hear this one all the time. It’s a really limiting belief and actually makes me sick. What makes you think she’s any better than you and how do you know that? All you’ve seen is a girl that looks beautiful, you don’t know what her personality is like. You don’t know what she’s achieved in her life. You don’t even know if she has an IQ above 5, so you’re really putting yourself down before you’ve even interacted with the girl.

I’m not in the mood…

Mood should never affect your motivation to want to approach girls. I’ve often found that, even when I am tired or frustrated, that as soon as I go up and have a good interaction with a girl I start to really get in the mood and, just by interacting with her, I lift my spirit and energy levels.

So, don’t let mood prevent you from going up and approaching a girl. Do it anyway and challenge yourself a little bit.

Stop making excuses for yourself and go out there and approach girls. The more you do it the more opportunities you are going to have with women and the more you’re going to really feel that you are living up to your purpose as a guy.