How to Ask a Girl Out by Email

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Is he going to ask me out already?!

Have you been wondering how to ask a girl out specifically by email instead of by text messaging or other methods? There are a number of scenarios where you might get a girl’s email address and decide that you want to ask her out on a date. For example, you might meet someone through online dating. Many people will make the transition from chatting on an online dating website to connecting on Facebook or communicating by email. Another scenario is that there might be someone who you know through work, or possibly someone that you share a business connection with, and you are able to obtain their email address that way.

So, one way or another, let’s assume that you get a girl’s email address. Now what do you do? For starters, one of the advantages with email is that you have more time to process what you want to say and to communicate this in a really clear, concise manner. Email gives you the opportunity to deliver the exact message you want to send. However there is also one obvious challenge with email: there is always the possibility of misinterpretation due to the lack of tone in an email message.

When I’m communicating with any form of email, whether sending messages through Facebook or an email program, I like to harness the power of creating a string of responses. For example, let’s say I send an email to a girl during the day when I know that she is at work and that she will be able to receive it and respond to me. An hour or so after she responds to my message, I send her another email. Then, maybe another hour later, she responds to mine. So, as you can see, we end up creating this chain of email messages throughout the day. The benefit of this strategy for online dating is that I can get her to think about me from the moment that she arrives at work all the way through to the end of day.

Over the space of an eight hour workday I can do a lot to arouse her emotions. With email, you can usually get away with being a little bit cheeky and making things slightly sexual. For guys who are intimidated by this sort of communication, email can be a great strategy for exploring that part of their personality and for recognising that girls are fairly open to being sexual.

If you want to ask a girl out in an email then the most important thing that I would recommend is to build up to it over a chain of emails so that you create momentum and asking her out becomes a natural progression. When you get to that point, actually doing it could be something as simple as asking her when the two of you are going to catch up. You can almost assume that you are going to go out together. And don’t forget that you can also use email as an opportunity to be a little sexual and playful.

What are you thoughts on asking a girl out by email? Will you be trying it if you get a girl’s email address?

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