How to Ask a Girl Out in College Class

Take advantage of this natural time for sexual exploration and be the one she explores it with

Asking a girl out in class

Getting girls in college is all about asking them out honestly

I think a college class is a great environment for guys to ask a girl on a date.

There’s already a subtext in the college system that it’s a place where people are essentially getting to know themselves and are exploring their sexuality. They are at a point in life where they don’t have to be overly responsible and it just creates a great frame for dating and having lots of sex.

It is perfectly okay to do that, because it is almost like it is an accepted period of their life to be able to do that. It’s a time to sow their oats and find themselves sexually.

When asking girls out from your college class, I would encourage people from the college environments to get involved with the events on campus.

You want to go on as many pub crawls, join social clubs, attend parties, or go to any events that other students will attend.

This is the best way to really explore building sexual relationships in college. All those fun events are great places to meet girls and get to know people. Each even will have different types of people to meet, so you can have a variety of experiences. Then, if you want to ask out a girl in your class, there is a chance you have already saw her somewhere else.

To be successful asking girls out in class, your current relationship with her matters.

If you relationship is one where you guys are working closely together,then there is already a connection there, then you can easily take that to another level. But if your relationship is more focused on work and doesn’t have any sexual tension, then you might miss out.

You really need to be able to break the ice early and take that next step to start flirting with her. If you sustain that work relationship for awhile, by the time you make a move, your relationship will be almost ingrained with work and it’s hard to transition to being more sexual.

Make your move early within a new semester or a new class to ask girls out in class.

If it’s a girl that you want to pursue, then you have to make that move really early and ask her out really early. It can be as simple as inviting her along to one of the events, outings, clubs, or parties you are already attending.

Take her to a frat party and show her your fun side outside of class, so she can respond to that part of you.

If you want to ask a girl out in your class, I think the best thing to do there is, just go really direct and say “You know what… you seemed really cute and I’d like to get your number. Maybe we can catch up outside of her some time soon.”

I think just because of the environment in college, you don’t even have to give her any more of a reason than that. She has a chance to respond really positively. The college atmosphere allows for you to be open about your interests in a woman, so you don’t have to play games. Be as bold and upfront as you want, because most women will respond to that approach.

A lot of girls will even find it a turn on, if you ask them out in class in an honest way.

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