How To Attract An Older Woman By Understanding Her

How To Attract An Older Woman By Understanding Her

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Want to know how to attract an older woman? To get more sex than you’ve ever dreamed of? To be more alluring and attractive to both older women and younger women? Then you have to understand her wants and needs. See her not just as an object but as an individual who has ideas, interests, and desires.

Don’t treat her as an object…

I had this big epiphany many years ago. You see, for a long time, I would view women as just objects. I would start to almost not even see her as a woman, but just see her physical attributes like she was just another number in my little black book. While I was still getting laid like a demon, I wasn’t really connecting with any girls.

None of the girls really wanted a relationship with me. I was more or less a boy-toy; a penis with legs. This was fun for a little while, but pretty soon I realized that I really wanted something a little deeper with women.

I really wanted to connect with a girl, to get a girl, and to really have more fun and interesting interactions with women.

Connecting more with women…

So, I started to really get more in tune with girls. I started to take the time to see each girl as an individual, and not just as another number in my book. How did I do this?

First of all, I did this by being a better listener.

So rather than going up and talking to a girl, trying to think of ways to entertain her and be more attractive to her, instead take the time to really listen to her and try to understand her as a person.

Find out a little bit more about her life, what her interests are, what her desires are, what her goals are. Where does she see herself in 5, 10, 20 years’ time?

If you do this, girls will really start to see you more as a boyfriend figure, rather than some dude who was almost like a sex object to them.

It’s ironic – isn’t it? That the more you treat women as objects, the more they will objectify you, too.

I remember reading a book by Dale Carnegie called, ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’. It talked about how everyone’s favorite subject to talk about is themselves. The sweetest thing that anyone can hear is their own name.

So, by being someone who can actively be engaged in what other people have to say, by being a really good listener, and by being interested in people in general, you’re going to find that your interactions and connections with girls will improve dramatically. She’ll automatically start to feel that you really get her.

This is especially true of older women…

Older women, being more mature, are often more interesting conversation partners. They’ve probably had their fair share of boy toys when they were younger, and now they’re probably interested in something a little more serious.

But, it’s not just about scoring points and looking like you care.

Investing yourself into an interaction will also make your dating life so much more interesting. Girls can be very interesting to talk to, and I’ve learned so much from them. It’s a bonus when you can actually learn a lot from girls, hang out with them, have fun with them, and also have sex with them. It just makes life so much more fun.

Now, a lot of guys, they view women as very “mysterious”. They can’t really understand why they do things or what’s on their mind.

I guess they view women as a bit of a black box. It’s pretty difficult learning how to attract an older woman when you can’t understand them.

But women aren’t a black box – they’re people. They don’t think exactly the way men do, which is maybe where the confusion comes from, but they still operate based on certain rules and principles.

So, to help you out on your quest to understand and connect with women, I’ve devised a guide that explores female psychology and offers great insights into the female mind.

It breaks females down into 8 different personality types. You can find out which personality type she has by asking her 3 simple, innocuous questions. Once you know her personality type based on my guide, you will know exactly how she feels, how she thinks, the right way to interact and flirt with her, and how to build up her level of attraction towards you in an irresistible manner.

If you’re interested in revolutionizing your dating life and your relationships, and you’re fed up of stumbling around in the dark, enlighten yourself with Pandora’s Box. This system isn’t just something I made up on a whim. This has been scientifically researched and tested using countless women, and it’s worked every time.