How To Attract Girls: The Four Tips You Need

How To Attract Girls: The Four Tips You Need

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In this article, I’m going to give you some key fundamentals that are crucial to finding women, and the best tips on how to attract a girl. These tips are what really helped me improve my dating skills dramatically.

Believe in yourself…

I used to fear that if I couldn’t attract a girl, I would one day end up old and lonely. Finding a date isn’t possible if you continually think of yourself in a negative light.

You know we’re not getting any younger, and the older we get, the harder it gets to meet attractive women. We need to utilize our younger years and get the most out of ourselves. So, I urge you to take this information and to take action.

Tip one: Get out of the house…

Yes, it’s really that easy. Get out of the house and take action. Taking action is critical, and getting out of your house and meeting new people is the first step. One thing I really found hard was the thought of leaving my computer and my TV and all my video games to go out and face fear.

It almost put me off many times, and I would avoid it again and again, but I soon realized that I needed to make the jump.

So, ask yourself, what are you at risk of losing if you don’t take action right now?  What regrets would you have later in life if you never actually got this issue sorted out?

Tip two: Play to win!

It’s natural to want to avoid bad emotions. Wayne Gretzky once quoted, “You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take.”  So, start focusing on taking action right now. Start shaving away the excuses. Start shaving away all the fears. Guys will generally want to get laid, but also not look bad – the stronger emotion will win.

Letting go of your ego will not only help you with women but will help you maximize your opportunities in all areas of your life. Have some fun when you go out and meet women. Women are attracted to guys that are positive and have good energy.

Tip three: Think positive, be positive…

The more you enjoy yourself, the more attractive you’re going to be to a girl. I like to call this freedom from outcome. In other words, just not really giving a fuck and having fun with everything! Life’s short and you don’t want to spend your time hung up on fear.

Tip four: Remember you can’t have any girl…

It’s also really important to remember that no one ever gets every girl – not even close!  Realize that there is not one guy on this planet that every girl is attracted to. If you’re not getting rejected, you’re not hitting on enough girls!

Rejection is going to be a part of the process. You need to learn to accept it. Laugh it off, have some fun with it. I once created a challenge for some of my students who were really struggling to get sexual with a girl.

I wanted them to go out and get rejected in the worst possible way. They got slapped, had a glass poured over them, and I would give them really sexual things to say to girls. It was actually a lot harder than you think to get a girl to get angry and reject you outright!

So, when you start letting go of this idea that you can attract any girl, then it’s going to take the burden of pressure off of you and you’ll accept that rejection will be a part of the process and move on quite easily.