How To Attract Older Women And The Advantages They Bring

How To Attract Older Women And The Advantages They Bring

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I remember my first MILF experience as though it was yesterday. Megan – she was 37, sexy and elegant. In her youth, she would have been an absolute stunner. But even as an older woman, she still had that sexiness. I was young and still learning my trade. Megan helped turn me from being a boy into a man. She taught me things, and did things, that stay with me to this day.

There are huge advantages to dating older women…

Firstly, they’re far more sexually experienced and relaxed about sex. Older, mature women will do things to you that younger women just don’t know about. At the same time, sex is not such a big deal to them. They’ve had their time playing the field, having fun. They love sex, but they don’t get caught up in it. It’s not as big a deal to them as it is to an 18-year-old. Because of that, it allows you to relax into the sexual experience a lot more.

The second big advantage is they have better control of their emotions. They understand that life’s not all roses. Things don’t always work out the way you want. And they’re OK with that. It’s rare that you get immature emotional breakdowns with an older, more mature woman.

The third factor is older women know how to take care of you. They usually have their own place, or at least the space that they’re renting. They know how to cook meals. They know how to massage you in all the right ways. Dating older women can be an amazing experience. But how do you do it?

How do you attract older women, particularly if you’re a younger guy? Well, finding dirty MILFs is easier than you think, and you can break it down into two steps.

The first step – Be sexually direct…

You express this through your eye contact, your body language, and your verbal communication. Don’t mess around with indirect notions or openers. Just go straight up to her and tell her that she’s sexy. If you do this in a confident way, you will connect with her on a core level. In line with this, you want your physical touch to be direct as well.

The second step – Physically dominate her…

Your goal with an older woman is to physically dominate her. Ravish her with your touch, pull her in aggressively, and push her away as well. Let her know that you want to rip her clothes off immediately. If you can make an older woman feel like a young school girl again, experience those sexual drives that she felt during her teenage years, then you’re there.

You need to pass her test…

You need to hold your own. Because of their experience and the place and phase of their life that they’re currently in, older women will have no issue testing you. And they’ll know how to get you where it hurts.

If you see these tests and shrink, you’re in trouble. She’s going to chew you up and spit you out quicker than a shark on feeding day. What you need to do instead is re-frame the experience. When an older woman tests you, what she’s ultimately saying is, “I like you, you’re kind of cute. But I need to find out if you’re man enough to handle me.”

Therefore, if an older woman tests you, you know you’re doing something right.

There are two ways to react to a test…

  1. The first way is to not react. Just ignore it and keep escalating on it. This is a powerful strategy. It will get her tingly in all the right places if you can demonstrate that you’re unaffected by her challenges.
  2. The second way is to challenge her hoop with a hoop of your own. So, when she throws a test or a compliance challenge at you, you simply respond the same way. By far the best way of responding to challenges that I’ve experienced is asking, “Why do you ask?” Let’s put this into a practical example.

If an older women says, “Do you think you’re old enough to handle me?” you simply reply, “Why do you ask?” Essentially, what you’re doing is flipping the test back around on her. “Why do you ask?” is hands-down one of the most powerful responses to a compliance test you can give.

Once you’ve mastered how the older woman works, and realize what a great opportunity lies before you, a whole new era in your sex life will begin. Enjoy!