How to Be Happy and Content with your Life

Dear Vin,

I’ve got women in my life and I can get sex pretty easily but I want hotter women because I just find that when I don’t have women around or when I’m not doing good in an interaction with a women I just feel really shit. On the flipside – when things are going really well with women I feel really good about my life and I feel happy, content. So can you help me with this? How can I get perfect results all the time? How can I be happy?

Johnny from Denver

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Basically, if you want to be happier you maybe have to look at happiness outside yourself. You feel like you’ve got everything and there’s not much more you can get but there’s a niggling feeling you haven’t really reached that destination. It’s not about the destination; it’s just enjoying the journey.

Happiness is not a place to attain it’s just something that can only happen like right now and knowing that is important to be happy about whatever it is you do have, don’t always be looking at things you don’t have, don’t compare yourself to other people, look at what you have and have your own goals and think about how your own life is.

Happiness is something that comes from within. It is only something that you can choose to be at that moment and, basically, if you’re constantly searching for happiness from things, from other things, from things outside of you, then you’re always going to be disappointed.

There’s beauty in being a perfectionist and wanting the best and getting the best results and producing the best results and having the hottest women. There is beauty in that but there’s also the other side of the coin where if you don’t get things perfect, if everything doesn’t go your way then it’s going to cause a lot of pain and depression.

It sounds like what you’re going through right now so coming to terms with the fact that nothing is ever going to be perfect is a key step to becoming content. To realise that everybody is perfectly human, it’s okay to be human and make mistakes and not have everything – that’s fine, like constantly trying to build up your life, put more things in and get that happiness from outside is actually going to have the opposite effect.

So one thing you can do today is just really simplify with your life. Start throwing things out. Start changing your schedule to include less. Really clear out your life. Really clear those things out of your life. Try to really simply and have a more of Zen mind style so that’s going to really help you just contain happiness in the now.

Get it touch with the moment. Search the internet for ‘Zen’ or for ‘the power of now’ or something like that where you really have to be searching about things which are helping you get in touch with the moment and not continue to stride for things that are outside yourself and that do not contain that happiness.

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