How To Be Happy Single

How To Be Happy Single

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When you know how to be happy single, your woes of not having a girlfriend will not be as difficult. You’ll learn that you can be single and happy, whilst looking for love. Master happiness when single, and the world’s your oyster!

Do you wish that one day you’ll get a girl and be happy?

Feel like nothing will be perfect until you have a girl on your arm? I once felt like this, but I never realized that I could also be happy being single.

It might sound quite funny and a little hard to believe, but I really felt like just getting a girl in my life would take care of all my problems and issues and most importantly make me feel truly happy.

I was totally delusional, because women were not the answers to my problems and finding a girl to be almost like the center of my universe would be one of the dumbest things I could do as a guy. Why? Because happiness should start from within you!

You should be the core of your happiness…

If you’re finding people to inject happiness in your life, then you’re really allowing yourself to open up to getting hurt, because as soon as that person leaves you, you run the risk of your world crumbling down around you. Hence, it’s important that you find true happiness within yourself and within the things you do.

When I broke up with my first girlfriend, I was really devastated. My whole world crashed around me and I had basically no motivation to even want to get out of my house – and I realized that I had devoted all my years to this one girl and I really didn’t have any focus on myself. I didn’t think I could ever be happy again.

I didn’t really know what I wanted in my life, I didn’t know what actually made me happy and this was a major flaw in my relationship that I vowed never to let happen again. I really wanted to understand what made me happy as a guy because women should not be your whole life. They should be the icing on top of your life.

Re-assess your life and say, “I am single and happy!”

So, I started to really re-assess where I was at in my life, in terms of my career. Was I happy in my job? Was I really passionate about what I did?  Was I feeling like I was making a difference in my life?

When I started to really question these things, I started to bring a stronger focus into my life. Rather than be dictated by circumstance, I started to create the life that I wanted for myself. I was also more attractive to girls because I was a happier person that really had myself sorted out. Now you need to do the same.

So, I really recommend for yourself to get your life sorted out. Work out what things drive you in life. What are the things that make you happy?  It’s worth putting the time into thinking about you as a person and what you really want and how to bring that sort of happiness into your life.

Once you figure that out then you’ll no longer need a woman to complete you. You’ll be fully completed and anyone that does enter your life will just be a bonus.