How To Be More Confident In Bed

How To Be More Confident In Bed

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No Confidence. No Sex. Know Confidence. KNOW SEX…

Sexual confidence is important in not only enjoying greater sex, but also in your ability to attract women. When you are more sexually confident, you are going to be more confident as a person, because you know you’re a guy that can please women, and you’re a guy that knows, if he is to take a girl home, he can give her the night of her life.

I’m going to show you some ways that you can build greater sexual confidence in the bedroom.

1. Be Comfortable

First of all, the best way for being more comfortable in the bedroom is to be more comfortable with your body. Oftentimes, guys who’ve put on a little bit of weight, or are not comfortable with their penis size, or have any other physical hang-ups, it can really do a lot of damage to their confidence in the bedroom.

They’re going to be a little paranoid about what the girl’s going to think of them, and whether he’s going to be embarrassed in any way. It’s important to get comfortable with your body. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and perfection really doesn’t exist. You may have been fed images in Men’s Health magazines and FHM magazines, what the perfect guy should look like.

In reality, that’s not the case. Girls won’t judge you more or less on your body size, but the way that you are in the bedroom.

If you’re a little bit of a larger guy and maybe you don’t even have the biggest penis, but you really know how to please her in the bedroom, you’re confident, and you’re dominant, that’s going to be more attractive to her than if you had a six pack and a big cock, but were really submissive in the bedroom and clumsy.

2. Be Confident

Learn to be more confident with your body. Some ways to do that is to go to a nude beach, or a clothing-optional resort, or spend more time in your bathers at the beach, and get more comfortable with your body. Educate yourself more on sex, and especially know how to give a girl some great oral care.

When you know how to effectively give a girl an orgasm, using your mouth or your fingers, it comes with a lot of great confidence. First of all, you can make a girl orgasm quite easily, but as guys, we’re not always at our peak performance. Sometimes we get tired, sometimes we get a little bit stressed out, and our stamina isn’t always going to be at its peak.

When you can please a girl orally, you know that, even if you’re having a bad night, you can still make her orgasm and you can still give her a good night, and there’s a lot of confidence that comes out of that.

3. Have Sex Often

Have sex more often. The best way to get comfortable with sex is to do it more and more. It’s almost like being comfortable around talking to women. Initially, the first time you’re going to be really nervous, but the more and more you do it, the more comfortable you’re going to get in this situation and your surroundings. The same goes with sex. The more sex you have, the more comfortable you’re going to be.

4. There Is No Such Thing as Perfect

Also, let go of perfection. Perfection in sex doesn’t really exist. Sex is messy, it’s clumsy, and despite all that, it can still be an amazing experience. Often, we’re sold the idea in movies and sometimes even in pornos, that sex is this smooth and perfect occasion. That’s just not the case.

That’s fabricated. When you can let go of perfection in the bedroom, it’s almost like a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders, because you can allow yourself to be a little bit clumsy, make a couple of mistakes, and be cool with it. If you’re cool with it, she will be too.

Follow these four tips and you’ll see your confidence in bed jump tenfold. You’ll have girls begging for sex and attention; your sex game will be like never before!