How To Be More Outgoing

How To Be More Outgoing

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Do you want to overcome shyness and anxiety, as well as be more confident and charismatic around girls? Do you want to make effortless conversation with almost anyone and make new friends easily, and just really enjoy life?

Learning to be more outgoing is going to increase your confidence and allow you to enjoy life with any hot girl you meet! I’m going to teach you how to be more outgoing, so you can achieve all this and more.

If you’re naturally a shy or introverted guy, or you work a particular job that doesn’t allow you to get out there much and socialize with people, then learning how to be more outgoing will be a beneficial skill for you.

Being more outgoing is going to serve you well when you want to interact with more women and meet more girls. It’s also going to help you meet more friends and broaden your social circle.

If you ever run a business or a lead a team, the more outgoing you are and able to converse with people, the easier you’re going to make a great first impression amongst people and win them over.

1. Find a Helper

First of all, to be more outgoing, it really helps to find a partner in crime, to find someone else that is like you, that is also looking to improve themselves, and become more social. It’s a lot easier when there are two people, where you can push each other.

2. Know the Social Calendar

Get to know your city’s social calendar. To be more outgoing, it’s important to go to more events and attend more parties, and to do that, follow your social calendar. You should get a bit of an idea of what’s going on around you, and you can also plan some events that you want to attend.

The more opportunities you get to leave your house and be involved in environments with a lot of people, the more it’s going to help you be more outgoing and build your social confidence.

3. Be Active on Social Media

Social media is a great way to interact with people, see what events are coming up, see what events people are going to. It can give you some ideas of things that you can do to get more social.

Also, when you meet new people, you can add them to your Facebook and increase your friends list and stay in touch with them. Facebook allows you to see what they’re doing in their life, message them, and chat with them.

4. Build Up Your Networking Ability

Build up your networking ability. When you go out there and you talk to people, learn how to be a better networker. Networking isn’t just exclusive to work or a professional job. It can be networking to meet people, to broaden your social group.

Ways that really helped me become a better networker was becoming a better listener. When talking to people, I would listen to what they were talking about. I would show them that I was listening by nodding my head, giving them strong eye contact, and really focusing on what they were saying and asking questions about things they were talking about.

When they were talking to me, they felt appreciated and they felt that I was really engaged in what they were having to say. Also, it really helps when networking, to find commonalities with people. Find something that you guys really relate to together.

People are much more receptive to people when they feel they have something in common, so the more things you can find that you have in common with a person, the better you’re going to relate to each other.

5. Join a Group

Join a meet-up group or a special interests forum. A great way to meet more people is to find people that are interested in things that you’re interested in, and meet up with them. I know, when I started a business, I joined a meet-up forum for entrepreneurs, which allowed me to meet more people that were like me, network in business terms, and also make a lot of great friends.

Other great ways to meet up with new people across the world are lairs, or even seduction communities or self-help communities, where people that want to better themselves interact and help each other out. Amongst it, there are also opportunities to meet socially.

6. Travel

The last way to be more outgoing is to go out and travel. Go and see more of the world, broaden your horizons. Traveling is a fantastic way that puts you out of your comfort zone, and along the way, you get to meet some really cool people, bond with some people that you never thought you would have ever bonded with, and make friends for life. Check out some of the best cities to meet girls!

One recommendation I have, if you plan on traveling, is to stay in hostels. Hostels are a great social environment, and there are many young, like-minded travelers around that you can meet and interact with and go out with, which will really help you in your quest to be more of an outgoing guy.

Implement these tips today and you will be on your way to a more outgoing lifestyle that will be sure to attract any girl you want!