How To Become A Great Speaker

How To Become A Great Speaker

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Do you admire speakers who can captivate an audience instantly? When great speakers talk, they are so believable that you cannot take your focus and attention away from them. They really draw you in. When you become a great speaker, you’ll learn how easy it is to capture the audience and utilize effective speech techniques.

What are the elements that make a great speaker? 

First of all, a great speaker must be authoritative. Top caliber speakers strike you as an authority figure. You need to be admired to be good at public speaking. These people know what they are talking about. They are experts in their field. When they talk about something, they talk about it with conviction and really believe in what they are trying to sell you or tell you.

You can see some of these guys on TV commercials at night. When they talk, they are just enthusiastic and draw you into what they are saying. You can see it in good politicians, too, that can captivate you with their words and make you believe in what they are saying.

That authoritative nature is something that is important to learn, and one thing that really helped me was to actually know what I was speaking about and be prepared before I actually delivered my speech.

Have a good attitude for persuasive speaking…

Some of the greatest speakers do not go up there with the intention of just delivering a speech. They almost go up there like they are having a conversation with their audience, almost like they are talking to their friends at a dinner table, and that is a really good thing to have because you do not want to be speaking at your audience.

You want to be speaking to them and making them feel actively engaged in what you are saying. It also shows that you are comfortable. When you are up there and you’re conversing with your audience, it just makes them feel more comfortable, and also makes you look more in control.

Consider your audience…

The audience becomes the centerpiece of your attention, so if you focus too much on yourself and the impression that you are trying to make, you will become unnerved by simple mispronunciations and will easily lose your confidence and poise. But, if you focus too much on the message, the event turns into a lifeless recitation. So, really focus on the audience, what the audience wants, and really engaging and interacting with the audience.

Use humor and stories in your talk…

You want to keep people entertained by making them laugh or telling stories that are believable and relatable. Talking about an experience that you had as a child, or something that people could relate to within themselves, really helps capture their attention and allows them to grasp the information that you are trying to convey.

Your voice is crucial in the way your message is delivered…

If you speak in a whiny or nasally tone, it does not matter what you are saying, it is not going to come across as strong and you are not going to come across as a speaker with great conviction. So, it is important to really focus on your diaphragm and make sure that your voice is coming from the diaphragm. Project and annunciate, but don’t shout.

Practice, practice, practice…

To become a great speaker, you have to become comfortable in general. The more opportunities you put yourself in and the more experiences you gather, the more comfortable you are going to get and the better speaker you are going to become. Try to talk openly to people one-on-one, in groups, and especially to people you don’t know. Be amiable and find a way to make each interaction comfortable for you and the audience.

Practice at open mic nights…

There are a ton of open mic nights everywhere for poetry and comedians. This might be challenging, but it gets you exposure in front of an audience and really puts you to the test of having to go up there and talk to hold an audience’s attention.

Volunteer as much as possible to make speeches, maybe at special events, fundraisers, or work meetings, any opportunity you have. Put yourself in that position where you can get up there and talk so you can get more comfortable with public speaking.

Becoming a great public speaker is a great and necessary life-skill to have. It will help you chat with women and become a more charismatic person. It will help you in the work place if you ever decide you want to take on a leadership role in the job. It will make you a more valuable and confident person overall, so never shy away from voicing your thoughts.