How to Date Tall Women

Be seen as a hundred feet tall and bulletproof in the eyes of any woman

How to Date Tall Women

Tall women want to be loved like everyone else

I wanted to know how to date tall women mostly, because I find something very intriguing and sexy about them.

Maybe it’s because I’m a shorter guy.

The question of how to date tall women is a critical one, because a lot of guys are very intimidated by taller women. They often feel nervous around them, and a lot of guys don’t even think they have a chance because taller women scare them a little bit.

I guess one of the biggest keys to dating taller women is a principle that helps you date all women, regardless of their height.

It’s important for women to feel safe and secure with you. This is especially important in knowing how to date tall women.  On some sort of deep, primal level, they kind of have to know that you’re a rock for them and if anything, you’re stronger than them.

So, one of the most important things if you’re going up to taller women is for her to know that you’re not a weakling, you’re not a wimp, and you’re not a wuss. It’s all about being strong enough to make a taller woman feel safe and protected. This is very critical. It’s especially more important with taller women.

For girls half your size, then it’s a little bit easier for you to be that masculine guy that most girls want.

But when she’s bigger than you and taller than you, it’s almost more important for you to be quite strong, muscular, and to have a masculine energy about you.  It’s going to be quite obvious around taller women if you don’t have that.

Mastering how to date tall women is really about lifting your masculinity up a notch.

One of the most important mindsets to have when dating taller women is that these women often find dating quite intimidating themselves. They are often scared of intimidating guys and a lot of taller women really lack confidence. One of my female friend actually played basketball for a national team for awhile, and she was one of the 100 tallest women in the world.  She said taller women have a lot of insecurities.  They have trouble buying shoes, and buying dresses and outfits, and when they go on dates the guys get really nervous and intimidated and they make a big deal of it.

Even stuff like kissing can be trouble. She talked about the fact that a lot of taller girls sometimes lack confidence, because a lot of guys won’t approach them because they’re intimidated. If you want to learn how to date tall women it might help to realize that taller women are often more afraid of you than you are of them.  Keep in mind that even though you might be intimidated, she might be feeling the same way. While you might be scared to approach her, she might be quite nervous herself.

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Taller girls are usually quite receptive, because a lot of guys are too scared to go and say hello to them. Knowing how to date tall women is mostly about having the balls to talk to them.

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