How To Entice A Girl

How To Entice A Girl

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Want to know how to entice a girl? You’ve come to the right guy! Maintain your mystery and be attractive to any girl. Guys that are mysterious and leave girls wanting more create an unbelievable amount of attraction in girls.

How do you build mystery?

Don’t reveal everything when enticing a girl. When you’re talking to a girl, don’t tell her everything about yourself. Leave some stuff up your sleeve. Ask questions, and if she asks you questions about yourself, either change the subject or give her brief answers.

Speak carefully…

Think about what you’re trying to say when talking to a woman. If you just let stuff come out of your mouth, it’s going to be hard to hold things back. Make sure that you’re careful with the words that you use when speaking to her.

Don’t brag…

Don’t try to talk about accomplishments or trump yourself up in any way. There is no need to put on a front to impress people. It’s one thing to be confident and proud of your successes, but an entirely different story when you overtly boast about them. Just keep it low-key and don’t give too much away.

Be a good listener…

When you want to be mysterious, you want her to do most of the talking. Learn to be a good listener and you’ll find enticing girls easy. Finding a woman and dating a woman requires you to listen to her. Being a good listener involves not only being quiet and giving her space to talk but also showing her that you’re engaged in the conversation. Try either nodding your head or saying “yes” at the end of her sentences so she knows that you are actually listening to what she’s saying.

Smile, but don’t laugh at people’s jokes. A mysterious guy has a very calm persona. He rarely lets himself lose control, and only when he means to do it.

Finally, leave people wanting more…

When you’re in an interaction, you want to leave your audience craving for more of you, and how to do that is to not give too much of yourself, but just enough that entices them and gets them interested.