How To Find Girls In Dubai Who Are Just Looking For Fun

Three things you need to know if you want to date in Dubai.

(WARNING! Ignore these and you may get arrested.)

Dubai has an immigrant community that makes up almost 80% of their population. So where in that mixed multicultural society does a guy go find girls who are just looking for fun?

Find girls in Dubai

Find fun girls in Dubai doesn't have to be tricky

I think one of the things to consider with finding girls with a strong cultural background, like a lot of the girls in Dubai, is that a lot of times you’ll find they have sexual stigmas that are inherent to that particular culture.

That can obviously be a challenge for a guy, who is predominantly focused in exploring a sexual relationship with a girl.

However, what I found is that a lot of the time we can actually use that stigma as positive in terms of building sexual tension.

A big key to building sexual tension is the need to have a little obstacle that we can use to help us build the tension to begin with.

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If there is no obstacle, nothing stopping us from basically getting together and having sex, then essentially what happens is we become resolved… and the sexual tension eventually dissolves. In a situation where you interact with a girl who has strong cultural beliefs, start looking for a sexual direction by escalating a touch or starting to be a little bit more direct with your verbal intent.

Even at times when she tells you to slow down, it will eventually develop into a sexual tension that would be pleasurable to both parties in terms of moving the interaction towards sex. It’s actually a good key component to begin with, and to use those challenges to your advantage.

Do you think that girls in Dubai are culturally shackled?

That’s a great question which reminds me of the point I’m trying to make.

I think that is a challenge to all women whose reputations are important to them. There is almost a sense out there that if women fully take on a ship of sexual desires, perhaps they’ll be seen as promiscuous, or as a slut. It’s really important for us guys to acknowledge the challenge that women face in that particular situation, and be sensitive to it.

We identify that we don’t agree with it, and certainly I believe that a sexually liberated uninhibited type of woman should not to be seen as a slut. When it comes to dealing with a girl facing those challenges in Dubai, I will let her know that I don’t agree with all these speculations and generalizations, and that I really respect her being strong enough to go after what she desires.

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